Stunning New Night Footage from the Panasonic Varicam LT

Experienced DP Tobias Mennie recently took the Panasonic Varicam LT and shot some beautiful night footage at ISO 5000 of Berlin, showcasing the unique dual-native ISO feature of the camera.

Much like the beloved Varicam 35, the more compact and single-operator friendly Varicam LT uses the same Super35 sensor capable of 14+ stops of dynamic range and the unmatched ability to deliver clean images in low-light situations.


Tobias used the Canon Cine Primes CN-E 24/T1.5 and Canon CN-E 50/T1.3 as well as the Olympus OM Zuiko 50/2 macro (which you can spot by the hexagonal Bokeh highlights), Olympus OM Zuiko 90/2 macro (two close ups of her eyes) for this test.

Tobias was very impressed with the Canon cine primes as they are (in his words) "...very sharp, but with lovely bokeh, good three-dimensionality and much more organic and pleasing in skin and face rendering than the Sigma Art 24 and 50.

Slightly warmer and more vivid in colour than their EF versions. Most probably the very best value for money in cine primes".

He also added this regarding the Varicam LT - "...At higher ISOs the Varicam LT´s native ISO 5000 is quite simply a game changer. I also enjoyed working for hours in the drizzle without worries when some other cameras needed to be protected under plastic covers."

For those yet not familiar with the Varicam LT, we suggest you check out our overview video with Alister Chapman below to get an idea of what the Varicam LT can do for you.

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