Panasonic Varicam 35 & HS Firmware 4.0 Adds Support for CODEX Raw Recorder and Apple ProRes 4444

Panasonic just released the latest firmware update 4.0 for the Varicam 35 and HS models. The firmware update is free, and it adds support for the Codex Raw recorder on the Varicam 35, support for anamorphic shooting and image flip on the sub-recorder (the Varicam 35 features a dual recording system). 

Support for AU-VEXT1 Extension Unit is also one of the key points of this update. The extension unit allows for the recording module to be separated from the head with either a 5m or a 20m cable for crane, jib or any other shots where the modular design can benefit the production. This option is available on both the Varicam 35 and the HS.

In addition Apple ProRes 4444 in 1080p has been added to the recording options in the Varicam HS.


See the details of firmware 4.0 below.

Last Update July 6, 2015 Model: AU-V35C1G, AU-V23HS1G, AU-VREC1G, AU-VCVF1 Registered Name/Size: VSI6060L / 156MB, VSI6043G; Expected Time for Update Approx. 60min

Ver 4.01-00-0.0x CAMERA(35):4.01-00-0.00 CAMERA(HS):4.01-00-0.00 RECORDER :4.01-00-0.01 Viewfinder AU-VCVF1 :1.07-00-0.00 (VSI6043G)

The following functions are added:


[35 | HS] Support for AU-VEXT1 Extension Unit *When using AU-VEXT1G together with AU-V23HS1G, AU-V23HS1G may require upgrade. Contact your dealer for more information [35 | HS] ProRes 4444 (HD) is added in MAIN recorder [35 | HS] Support for PREREC in ProRes recording mode [35] Support for CODEX V-RAW Recorder [35] Support for anamorphic lenses (SUB recorder) [35] Support for Image Flip-Flop (SUB recorder) [35] ISO5000 as a reference value for adjustment AU-VCVF1 The following Item of menu “USER SW1″ and “USER SW 2″ is changed. Old : ASSIST New : IN CLR / SQ / MONO

To download the latest firmware update head over here.


In addition, the long-awaited Codex Raw recorder for the new Varicam is also shipping.

The Codex V-Raw recorder, which attaches directly to the back of the camera, allows 4K raw footage to be captured on Codex Capture Drive 2.0 units at up to 120 fps for stunning slow-motion effects and highest quality 12bit raw for ultimate flexbility in post for narrative drama projects, high-end commercials and any other project that requires heavy post-production work. The V-Raw also acts as a power source for the camera, and includes three 24V power outputs for accessories.

"We are excited to get the new Codex V-Raw Recorders into the hands of our rental customers and happy that Panasonic chose Codex as their technology partner for raw workflows," said Michael Condon, SOC, VP of the digital division of Clairmont Camera in Los Angeles in a statement provided by Codex.

We carry the Varicam 35 in stock, as a full kit with the viewfinder and shoulder kit so get in touch with our Varicam specialists for a quote at 0208 977 1222.