Panasonic DVX200 Firmware Update 1.65 Improves V-Log L Performance Plus More Tips & Tricks

Panasonic have been continuously improving their DVX-200 camera, which has gone from strength to strength ever since it was released last year. The latest firmware update version 1.65 adds some exciting new features such as extended sensitivity settings, improved V-Log L gamma for more distinct gradations in low-light and further improvements to customizable options for certain key camera functions.

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Panasonic DVX200 Firmware Update 1.65 Details

  • Improvement of V-Log L gradation (more distinct gradations at low luminance areas)
  • Improvement of color reproduction of recorded still images
  • Adjusted values of Gain are maintained even after being rebooted.
  • Addition of a negative Gain* adjustment  - The value between -6dB and -1dB or ISO 250 and ISO 400
  • [EXTENDED SENSITIVITY] menu added.
  • Addition of a sign showing that Shutter is set to “Auto” “A-SHTR + numeral (shutter speed)”
  • Assignment of USER SW to AWB button on the front is enabled.
  • Assignment of Focus Assist function to USER SW is enabled with EXPAND and PEAKING separated. - Mode1 (EXPAND/PEAKING/BOTH) ON/OFF - Mode2 (EXPAND/PEAKING) ON/OFF
  • Addition of functions that can be assigned to USER SW "PUSH AUTO","SLOT SEL”, AWB
  • The fastest mode is added to Focus Transition function.

The Panasonic DVX200 is quite a unique camcorder in the sense that it is a fixed lens style camcorder, however it utilises a large 4/3 type sensor usually found on interchangeable mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH4 for example. This combination makes the camera an enticing proposition for docu-shooters looking for the added cinematic feel with shallower depth of field compared to a small chip camera that has been traditionally associated with documentaries for decades.

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The camera also features V-Log L flat gamma profile for maximum dynamic range and more grading options in post as well as making it easier for colorists and editors to match DVX200 footage to other cameras.

For those who want to learn a bit more about the DVX200, esteemed DP and instructor Barry Green has some tips and tricks for you that will help you get the  most out of your DVX200.

DVX200 owners and operators can download firmware version 1.65 via the link here.

If you are interested in ordering the DVX200 for your next project you can purchase it via our website here or alternatively you can give us a ring on 0208 977 1222.