PAGLink Linkable V-Mount Batteries: An Intelligent Battery System for ENG Style and Large Sensor Cameras

Powering your ENG or large sensor camcorder for prolonged times does require a solid and reliable battery system. Anton Bauer and V-mount have been established standards for many decades and there are numerous manufacturers offering different battery solutions to camera professionals. However, just as with anything in video technology nowadays, batteries evolve and improve and not all batteries are made the same, and choosing the right battery solution for your requirements can be difficult.

UK battery maker, PAG has developed a truly ground breaking power system called the PAGlink.This new stackable power system has been designed to power a wide range of professional cameras and equipment such as shoulder-mounted broadcast cameras, high-end digital cinema set-ups, DSLR and handheld camcorders, as used by broadcasters, hire facilities, production companies, freelancers and cinematographers. So whether you are using a 5D mark II, a Canon C300, or a Sony F55 with the proper adapter you can take full advantage of the new PAGlink linkable battery system, which will save you a lot of hassle at airports, you will carry less weight, and charge more batteries faster than ever before.

The Paglink PL96T and PL96e are 96 Watt hour 14.8V 6.5Ah batteries, which are lighter, more efficient, offer multiple outputs, intelligent indicators, flight approved worldwide and best of all are affordable. As they say, these little guys tick all the boxes for power requirements a modern camera professional would be looking for. And the most intriguing part about them is they can be linked (or in other words stacked) and will work seamlessly with your camera providing power for extended periods of time.

The Paglink line incorporates premium grade Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells. It also is the only system that allows you to use batteries individually or linked, in multiples (up to 8), for charge or discharge. With the PL16 charger users can charge up to 16 stacked batteries, so no more staying up overnight to charge batteries, or set the alarm and wake up in the dead of night to swap batteries off your charger.

See the very informative video below by DP Curt Pair about the new Paglink batteries on Vimeo here.

See more about the Paglink system below from PAG:

Linking the batteries combines their capacities, greatly extending camera run-time and allowing a high-current draw of up to 12A, ideal for a camera and multiple accessories. PAGlink batteries incorporate heavy duty contacts, engineered for high-load applications. Three linked batteries, weighing less than 2.2kg, create a single power source of nearly 288 watt-hours. The individual battery units have capacities of 96 watt-hours, enabling them to be legally transported by passenger aircraft without quantity restriction.

PAGlink batteries can be linked in any state of charge for charge or discharge. When linked, they form a high-speed network, allowing them to communicate with each other and ensuring that the maximum linked output is kept to safe level. More outputs for accessories PAGlink is the first battery system where power is also available from the battery linking contacts.

The power can be accessed via the PAGlink PowerHub and used for a 12V DC camera light, a monitor, audio and transmission accessories. The PowerHub can be positioned between two PAGlink batteries, to maintain the hot-swap feature, or connected to the rear battery, to allow the mounting of an accessory bracket. It provides up to four outputs via D-Tap connectors (other connectors, such as Hirose and 2.1mm are available on request). The interchangeable, plug-in connectors allow you to reposition the output to the left or right side of the camera. A USB module (1 Amp) is incorporated for 5V accessories or charging your smartphone.

Charging versatility Linked battery charging is an industry first. PAGlink chargers will charge simultaneously, up to 16 PAGlink batteries, from any state of charge. The PAGlink PL16 charger ca charge up to 8 linked batteries on each position for a total of 16 stackable batteries. The new PAGlink Cube charges 4 batteries on each position. Eight fully discharged batteries will be fully-charged in less than 12 hours. Now all your batteries can be charged overnight without you having to get up to swap batteries on the charger. The PAGlink Micro Charger is the world’s smallest, single-position, multi-battery charger and will fully charge two PAGlink batteries in 7 hours. PAGlink batteries can also be charged individually or linked, using any reputable V-Mount LiIon charger.

Run-time indication All PAGlink batteries feature built-in run-time indication. You can choose between the more convenient numeric display of the PL96T Time Battery, or the 5 LED indicator of the lower-cost e-series PL96e battery. Both show battery capacity as a percentage. When batteries are linked, the display provides run-time for the total of all the batteries, and capacity for the individual packs. The different battery versions can be mixed, enabling you to add the numeric Time Battery display to the lower-cost e-series batteries.

Viewfinder capacity display PAGlink is the only battery system that automatically communicates with multiple camera data systems. This enables linked batteries to communicate their collective state of charge for display in the camera viewfinder. The batteries adapt automatically to each system they encounter.

Electronic protection PAGlink batteries incorporate PAG’s multi-level electronic protection system and have Parylene coated internal circuits to guard against the effects of electrolyte leakage. No other manufacturer goes as far to ensure safety.

Air transportation The PAGlink system has been conceived so that you can fly with the high-capacity battery power that you need. The 96 watt-hour PAGlink battery packs have been independently tested in accordance with UN air transport regulations. This means that unlike batteries that have capacities greater than 100 watt-hours, and those that have not been tested, PAGlink batteries can be legally transported on passenger aircraft, to any location, without quantity restriction.

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