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  • ARRI SUP 11.0 Gives the ALEXA ProRes 3.2K For UHD Delivery

    ARRI have just released SUP 11.0, a free firmware update for the ALEXA XT cameras and ALEXA Classics, primarily allowing for ProRes 3.2K capture internally. Designed for TV productions on a budget, 3.2K capture is perfect for 4K deliverables. Despite the fact that the majority of TV content is still delivered in HD, mastering certain programmes in 4K/UHD will future proof such productions. See the details of SUP 11.0 below.
  • Canon Announces New HJ24ex7.5B - A Class-leading 24x Broadcast Zoom

    Canon has a long-standing tradition in the manufacturing of lenses for TV production and is known for making some of the finest broadcast lenses around. Despite the recent surge in larger sensor cameras used for ENG work, such as Super 35 sensor cameras like the Canon EOS C300, the majority of broadcast work is still done via 2/3” HDTV cameras and lenses. Continuing their tradition in giving broadcast camera professionals the range and quality in lens options and glass, Canon have just announced their latest broadcast lens – the HJ24ex7.5B specifically designed for 2/3” HD acquisition.
  • CamRade to Unveil New Pro-Bag Series at London’s BVE 2015 Next Week

    Protecting your gear from the elements is not only important, but a necessity, we all know that. Camrade has some fantastic protective bags and rain covers for a wide range of cameras from all major brands including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Blackmagic Design, AJA and many more. Their philosophy and mission is to provide optimum protection and carrying comfort under all conditions. camRade is continuously developing a high quality range of enclosures specially designed to protect equipment and make it easier to transport with safety. So whether it's protection from harsh weather or transport, camRade has your back.
  • AMIRA SUP 2.0 Update Unlocks 4K UHD Plus MPEG-2 50Mb/s MXF Recording In Mid 2015

    ARRI previously announced back in the Fall, that their documentary-style AMIRA camera will be able to record 4K UHD on-board in the near future. Today ARRI has made good on its promise to unlock the true potential of their "baby" ALEXA - the ARRI AMIRA by announcing the SUP (firmware update in ARRI speak) 2.0 which will give the camera UHD recording options and to the delight of thousands of broadcast DP's and producers - broadcast workhorse MPEG-2 50Mb/s 422 MXF recording in a future update to come in the middle of 2015.
  • Rode Stereo VideoMic X – A New Standard In Immersive Audio

    Some say your video is only as good as it sounds, and they are right. Often times a lot of people fall for the trap of compromising audio quality in lieu of wowing the audience with pretty pictures. In some situations however, immersive audio will draw the audience much better into the video experience than beautiful images alone.
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