Odyssey7Q+ Now Includes 256GB SSD, New Lower SSD Prices & More 3rd Party SSDs Qualified

Just now, Convergent Design announced a major revamp of  their SSD support and lowered the prices on their media. This revamp will lower costs dramatically for those using the Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q and the Odyssey7 monitor/recorders.

The Odyssey7Q+ will now ship with media included as well as additional accessories. The prices on all three models of Odyssey SSDs have been dramatically lowered. And five models of Samsung SSDs have been qualified by Convergent Design for use in all Odyssey 7.7” monitor/recorders with the upcoming 2015.07 free firmware update.


One 256GB SSD Is Now Included With The Purchase of an Odyssey7Q+

Starting now, Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ will ship with one 256GB Odyssey SSD included. A five-pack kit of SSD handles for use with qualified 3rd party SSDs (see below) is now included with each Odyssey7Q+. This is yet another great update from Convergent Design, who recently introduced a new firmware which added a landslide of new features, and by including a free 256GB drive, you can save even more money on your next Odyssey7Q+.

Convergent Design has further added a 4K-ready HDMI cable and adapter, as well as an Ultra-Thin 3G-SDI cable, to the universal AC power supply included with the Odyssey7Q+.

All accessories are available for separate purchase from us as well.

List Prices Slashed On Odyssey SSDs

Convergent Design has drastically reduced prices on all three models of Odyssey SSDs for the Odyssey 7.7” monitor/recorders.


The 256GB Odyssey SSD is now £165, while the 512GB Odyssey SSD drops to £300, and the 1TB Odyssey SSD is now £530. All Odyssey SSDs are fully warrantied by Convergent Design to perform in all recording modes on all 7.7” Odyssey monitor/recorders.

Convergent Design SSD Price Drop


Old List Price

New List Price

% Drop









1TB (1024GB)




Five Samsung SSDs Qualified For Use In Odyssey Monitor/Recorders

After extensive testing, Convergent Design has now qualified five models of Samsung SSDs for use in all Odyssey 7.7” monitor/recorders once upgraded with the upcoming 2015.07 free firmware update.

Qualified Samsung SSD models are the 850 PRO series in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB (1024GB) sizes, as well as the 850 EVO 1000GB. All five Samsung SSDs are qualified by Convergent Design to support all recording modes on all 7.7” Odyssey monitor/recorders, once these devices have been updated to the 2015.07 firmware.

The previously announced Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD is not qualified. To protect clients from recording issues, only qualified SSDs or Odyssey SSDs will function in Odyssey 7.7” monitor/recorders. SSDs mount into the Odyssey monitor/recorders with a latching handle.

Qualified Samsung SSDs

Samsung 850 PRO 128GB Samsung 850 PRO 256GB Samsung 850 PRO 512GB Samsung 850 PRO 1024GB (1TB) Samsung 850 EVO 1000GB

Certified vs. Qualified

Odyssey SSDs are certified to work in Odyssey monitor/recorders. Convergent Design tests and sells these SSDs, so the company has oversight to warranty their performance. The above listed Samsung SSDs are qualified to work in Odyssey monitor/recorders.

While multiple samples have been tested extensively by Convergent Design, they cannot warranty individual 3rd party SSDs. Convergent Design Customer Support is available to support clients 24/7, but we may not be able to successfully support 3rd party product to the same extent as their own products.