Nikon Z7/Z6 Mirroless Cameras, ARRI Trade-Up to AMIRA, Insta360 Pro 2

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Nikon's new Z series mirrorless cameras, the Pro 2 six-lens VR camera from Insta360 designed for professional filmmakers and ARRI's Trade-In/ Trade-Up Program which lets you trade in your old Alexa Classic or Alexa Plus cameras and get up to 11,000 Euro discount towards the purchase of a new AMIRA Premium.

Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras

Nikon are making the leap into the world of mirrorless cameras with two new full-frame models. The newly announced Nikon Z7 packs a 45 megapixel sensor, while the Z6 gets 24 megapixels. The new Z-mount has been designed to facilitate the next generation Nikon mirrorless lenses, a few of which have already been announced including a super-fast 58mm f/0.95 Noct lens. Both models feature a hybrid AutoFocus system with the Z7 getting 493 focus points. Surprisingly, Nikon included 10bit 422 HDMI output from the cameras enabling broadcast compliant recordings with external recorders, in addition to 4K UHD video up to 30 frames per second in camera recording. 120 frames per second slow motion in Full HD is also possible.

Insta360 Pro2 VR Camera

Insta360 announced their new Pro 2 six-lens VR camera designed for professional filmmakers. The very impressive Insta360 Pro 2 can record in various high resolutions including 8K 30D at 30 frames per second, 6K, as well as 4K up to 120 frames per second. The Flow State built-in stabilization is a first for this class VR camera and produces more than impressive results, while the in-camera HDR, combined with a more simplified editing workflow gives professionals makes getting great images a lot easier. The Pro 2 supports the company’s all-new Farsight technology, which offers a high-definition, low-latency wireless video monitoring that’s optimized for long-distance previewing of up to a thousand feet.

ARRI Trade-In Trade-Up Program

As an ARRI authorized camera distributor we are very proud to participate in the new ARRI Trade-In/Trade-Up Program, which lets you trade in your old Alexa Classic, Alexa Classic Plus or Alexa Plus 4:3 camera and get up to 11,000 Euro discount towards the purchase of a new AMIRA Premium. The AMIRA benefits from a more modern and ergonomic design for handheld and documentary style of operating, lower power consumption, built-in XLR inputs, and the ability to record 2K ProRes as well as up to 200 frames per second slow motion onto CFast 2.0 cards. For more details and full T&Cs hit the link below.

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