Arri Signature Primes, FX9 accessories, Panasonic AG-CX10

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the ARRI Signature Primes - now available and shipping, Sony FX9 accessories from Core plus the new AG-CX10 compact handheld camcorder from Panasonic.

ARRI Signature Primes

ARRI started the year on a high by announcing the full range of ARRI Signature Primes are now available and shipping. The ARRI Signature primes are designed for large format sensors covering a 46mm image circle and include a total of 16 lenses ranging from 12mm to 280mm. Providing exquisite skin tones, soft bokeh, and exceptional detail, the Signature Primes are held in the highest regard by legendary cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, who recently used them on the Golden Globe Best Picture winner 1917.

Sony FX9 and CoreSWX accessories

The Sony FX9 is now shipping and third party manufacturers are quickly coming up with their own accessories and alternative power solutions for it.

CoreSWX has released dedicated V-mount adapter for the FX9, which allows users to use V-mount batteries. Recently experienced DoP Alister Chapman shared on his blog how he is using the new Core V-mount adapter and the Hypercore Neo MINI batteries to power the FX9 for extended periods of time. It is worth to note that the DC input of the FX9 is 19.5 volts, which is not very common, however the Core V-mount adapter does include a voltage regulator, which converts the typical 12 to 16 volt range of a V-mount battery to 19.5 volts required by the FX9. Hit the link below to read the blog post in full for further details.

Panasonic AG-CX10

Panasonic just released a new AG-CX10 4K compact handheld camcorder. Boasting some impressive features such as internal 10bit 422 recording, and 5-axis optical image stabilisation, the CX10 also features built-in ND filters, an integrated LED light into the front of the top handle, and a 24x optical zoom lens. In addition, the camera has dual XLR audio inputs, 3G-SDI output, built-in WiFi and the ability to Livestream directly to popular social platforms. The Panasonic CX10 is expected to ship in March..

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