Arri FX9 Accessories, Teradek ACE 800, MixPre firmware update

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony PXW-FX9 camera from ARRI, the ACE 800 wireless transmission system from Teradek, plus the latest firmware update V5.0 for the popular MixPre recorder/mixers from Sound Devices.

ARRI FX9 accessories

ARRI has released new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony FX9 through their PCA division. ARRI have been making excellent quality pro camera accessories for many years and just like the FS7 and the F55, the FX9 is getting the ARRI PCA treatment with a Basic Set including an ergonomic, 15mm rod and VCT plate compatible Shoulder Plate in addition to a new dedicated top plate, which allows users to continue to use the original FX9 top handle. The Pro Set expands the Basic Set with an adjustable viewfinder bracket, a dedicated top handle, an E mount to PL mount adapter support bracket, and side brackets for added rigidity. Both ARRI PCA sets for the FX9 are currently available to order with deliveries estimated to start in January.

Teradek ACE 800

Teradek has announced the ACE 800 wireless transmission system giving users an affordable, zero-delay wireless system with a range of up to 800 feet. The ACE 800 builds upon the strengths of Teradek’s ACE 500 entry-level system, by adding SDI connectivity in addition to HDMI giving users more flexibility. Similar to the ACE 500 and other Teradek wireless system, the ACE 800 operates on the license-free 5Ghz spectrum and thanks to Teradek’s Intelligent RF design, it can operate even in the most crowded wireless environments.

MixPre v 5.0 firmware update

Sound Devices has released a new firmware update for their popular MixPre recorder/mixers. Firmware version 5.0 brings support for the beloved MixAssist plugin to both the MixPre and the MixPre II series allowing audio professionals to reduce ambient noise and reverberation when mixing and recording with multiple microphones. Another feature introduced in version 5.00, is flexible USB output routing, which allows sound mixers to specify which channels are sent via USB to a computer. This can be very useful when recording a podcast for example.

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