Cine Gear Special

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week is our Cine Gear Special featuring details of the upcoming Sony VENICE firmware V5.0, the Lumix S1H FF mirrorless camera from Panasonic, Atomos's brand new high-end monitor/recorder line-up called Atomos Neon plus the world's first wireless daylight viewable Production Monitors from SmallHD.

Sony VENICE V5.0

At the start of Cine Gear, Sony unveiled the details of their upcoming firmware update version 5.0 for their VENICE camera. Firmware update 5.0 is to be released early next year and will include high frame rate options in 6K up to 90 frames per second in 6K 2.39:1 as well as the ability to record HD ProRes 4444 directly to SxS Pro+ cards without the need for the R7 raw recorder for more streamlined post workflow. Other notable improvements include High Resolution Magnification via HD Monitor Out and the ability to flip the image in the viewfinder and output it via SDI.

Panasonic Lumix S1H mirrorless camera

Panasonic made a huge announcement at the start of Cine Gear by unveiling some key features of their upcoming and cinematography oriented Lumix S1H Full Frame mirrorless camera, which will feature 6K video recording, a world first for a camera of this class. The S1H boasts 14+ stops dynamic range and will also be able to record 4K60p internally in 10bit 422, and will come with Panasonic’s V-Log included. The camera will also support 4:3 anamorphic shooting and is set to start shipping sometime in the Fall for $4000 US.

Atomos Neon

Atomos went big at Cine Gear with the announcement of a brand new high-end monitor/recorder line-up called the Atomos Neon. An all-new HDR Cinema monitor-recording displays specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern TV and Film Production, the Neon 4K HDR field monitors will be available in four sizes – 17, 24, 31, and 55 inches to suit just about any production.

The Atomos Neon support 4K60 recording in ProRes Raw and other formats, and come packed with professional features such as anamorphic de-squeeze, calibration, 3D LUT support, SDI loop-through output, 4K downscaling, Dolby integration and many more. Pricing starts at $4000 US and we are likely to start seeing Neon shipments sometime in September.

SmallHD Production Monitors

At Cine Gear, SmallHD also expanded their innovative lineup of HDR production monitors with a couple of new additions. The company unveiled the world’s first wireless daylight viewable 13-inch and 17-inch Production Monitors packed with integrated Teradek Sidekick II receivers.

The 1303 HDR Bolt Sidekick will make a perfect focus puller monitors, while its bigger brother the 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick comes with 100% DCI P3 support and will be best suited as a client or director’s monitor in the field. Both units are compatible with Teradek Bolt 500, 1000, and 3000 transmitters eliminating the hassle of running SDI cables on set.

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