VENICE 2 simulator, Anton Bauer & Hawk-Woods B-mount

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Sony's release of a menu simulator for their flagship VENICE 2 camera, Anton Bauer's range of B-Mount batteries and accessories for the ARRI ALEXA 35 plus Hawk-Woods new range of B-Mount batteries.

Sony VENICE 2 menu simulator

Sony has released a menu simulator for their flagship camera the VENICE 2. The new menu simulator is the perfect interactive training tool allowing DoPs and camera assistants to get familiar with the menu interface of the camera via a simple web interface. The menu simulator allows users to dive deep into the menu structure and explore the huge range of features via dedicated modes for both the 6K sensor and the 8K sensor version. This way, users get an exact representation of what they could expect from the camera menu when they get to use the camera on a shoot. In addition, Sony recently released some new behind the scenes from the first narrative short film shot on the VENICE 2 called Cowboy Currency, shot by cinematographer Pete Konczal in the style of an epic western blockbuster. You can find a link to the behind the scenes in the description below.

Anton Bauer ALEXA 35 accessories

With the release of the new ALEXA 35 camera from ARRI, we've seen major battery manufacturers release new B-mount batteries and accessories. Recently, Anton Bauer announced their new 26V Gold Mount Plus back plate for the ALEXA 35 which mounts directly on the back of the camera by removing the B-mount plate. This enables native 26V Gold Mount Plus Batteries to be used, saving owner operators and rental houses the need the purchase new batteries for their ALEXA 35. It is also worth noting, and for additional peace of mind that Anton Bauer developed their new plate in conjunction with ARRI, and mounting it in place of the original battery plate does not in any way impact the camera's warranty.

Hawk-Woods B-mount batteries

And speaking of the ALEXA 35, UK manufacturer Hawk-Woods also announced a new range of 26V B-mount batteries for the ALEXA 35 they call B-Lok. Currently, the range includes 3 different capacities including a B-Lok 98Wh, 150Wh, and 350Wh high-capacity version. The new B-Lok's are packed with the latest high draw battery cells and are encased in Hawk-wood's proven solid case design. The 26 volt output ensures users can power all accessories attached to the camera rig, in addition to featuring a multi-directional 12v D-Tap and a USB-C. The batteries will also provide direct communications with ARRI equipment and give users the option to select time remaining or percentage remaining.

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