New Sony wide-angles, Rodecaster Pro II, Dedolight NEO Colour

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Sony's new trio of lenses for APS-C and Super 35 cameras, the release of the Rodecaster Pro II the latest version of Rode's all-in-one production solution and Dedolight's latest NEO Colour LED Spotlight

Sony introduces three new APS-C lenses

Sony has introduced a trio of new wide lenses for APS-C and Super 35 cameras. Scheduled to ship in July, the new Sony 11mm f1.8, 15mm f1.8 and the new 10-20mm f4 Power Zoom share a lightweight and compact design, complimented by the latest Sony autofocus technology, impressive optical design, and intuitive ergonomics. Designed for hybrid camera users, and perfect for Sony FX9 and FX6 users, who can greatly benefit from the compact and affordable design of these lenses in Super 35 mode, the new Sony 10-20mm f4 Power Zoom sheds nearly 1/5th of the weight, compared to its predecessor. The wide angle zoom lens also features a customizable focus button, a dust and moisture resistant design, dual linear AF motors and an internal focus design. In addition, the 15mm f1.8 features a 7 blade rounded aperture design, and a physical aperture ring with a de-click switch for video users.

RØDECaster Pro II

Four years after releasing their ground-breaking RODE Caster Pro podcasting studio solution, RODE are ready to release the highly-anticipated sequel - the RodeCaster Pro II. All grown up and redesigned, the RodeCaster Pro II packs thousands of dollars of pro audio equipment into a single unit making the ultimate all-in one production studio not just for podcasters, but also all content creators includings streamers, musicians, and video creators. The unit offers full customization and endless creative options, allowing users to assign any input to any fader, while the 8 Smart Pads can be customised to do everything from triggering on-the-fly voice effects like reverb, echo, and pitch FX, activate automated mixer actions like fade-ins and fade-outs, and more. RODE also developed brand new premium-quality Revolution pre-amps, while the expanded connectivity gives users access to two USB-C interfaces for connecting two laptops or mobile devices, in addition to four high-quality Neutrik combo jacks for connecting XLR microphones or musical instruments.

Dedolight NEO Colour

Legendary lighting manufacturer Dedolight has teamed up with Prolytch for their latest Dedolight NEO Colour LED Spotlight. Powered by Prolycht's advanced RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine the NEO Color is an advanced 80 watt adjustable color focusing spotlight in a familiar dedolight form factor. Thanks to its cutting edge lighting engine, the NEO Colour LED is capable of producing extremely accurate light for true to life skin tone reproduction throughout an extended CCT range from 2,000K to 20,000K, as well as richly saturated colors across a range greater than traditional RGBWW LED lights. The ChromaLink App gives gaffers and DoPs extensive control over the full spectrum of light including X,Y coordinates for precise colours as well as access to hundreds of Lee and Rosco gels at their fingertips. For more advanced lighting setups the NEO Colour LED can be controlled via DMX and LumenRadio CRMX and integrated into all kinds of lighting rigs with a variety of wired and wireless lighting controllers and consoles.

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