First look at the ARRI ALEXA 35

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ARRI just announced their highly-anticipated new camera the ALEXA 35. Building on the legacy of the original ALEXA released 12 years ago, the ALEXA 35 represents the pinnacle of digital cinematography. ARRI has developed a brand new 4.6K Super 35 sensor capable of capturing 17 measurable stops dynamic range, more than any other digital cinema camera and ensuring compatibility with all your favourite spherical and anamorphic lenses.

The new ALEXA 35

The new ALEXA 35 offers endless creative options throughout its 19 different recording formats, including 4.6K Open Gate ARRIRAW as and ProRes 4444 XQ, in addition to frame rates in 4K up to 120fps. The ALEXA 35 is the most compact fully-featured ARRI digital cinema camera to date as well as the fastest. The camera’s extended sensitivity enables cinematographers to capture stunningly vivid and rich images even at 6400 ISO, producing cleaner and more true to life images in low light that were next to impossible to achieve with current sensor technology.

In addition to a new sensor, ARRI also unveiled a brand new REVEAL colour science developed to capture the maximum dynamic range from the sensor and translate it to breathtaking images with smoother highlights and richer, deeper shadows exceeding the capabilities of even the fastest film stock. Optimised for both HDR and SDR workflows, the REVEAL colour science is also compatible with ALEXA LF and Mini LF ARRIRAW footage.

Also new for the ALEXA 35 are the ARRI Textures - a new features that gives DoPs even more granular creative control over the way the camera captures images, depending on the desired look, akin to selecting a film stock in the old days.

Conceived from the drawing board, the ALEXA 35 is a 24V camera, capable of powering numerous accessories and is equipped with the new B-mount battery standard. In addition, ARRI also announced dedicated camera expansion modules and brand new family of accessories to suit just about every style of production from an owner operator to a full-on production crew.

And finally, as a reminder, Visual Impact are running a hands-on event in conjunction with ARRI UK on Monday June 20th, where you can experience first hand the new ALEXA 35 and get your questions answered by ARRI specialists. Hit the link below to sign-up and find out more.

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