VENICE 2 Netflix approval, Sony 16-35mm power zoom, Teradek Prism

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the VENICE 2's entrance into the list of Netflix approved cameras, Sony's new 16-35mm f4 G Power Zoom Lens for full-frame cameras and the Teradek Prism - the company's premium encoding and decoding solution.

VENICE 2 Netflix approval

The Sony VENICE 2 8K cinema camera has just been approved for Netflix original 4K productions. The coveted Netflix stamp of approval enables the VENICE 2 to join the long list of Sony Neflix approved cameras such as the original VENICE, the FX9, Sony F5/F55 and more. Netflix also released the VENICE 2 production guide giving cinematographers specific guidelines as to which RAW and ProRes settings they can use for original programing. And given the vast availability of recording formats and resolutions on the VENICE 2, DoPs can opt to use either X-OCN XT or ST in either 8.6K full-frame or 5.8K Super 35 mode including Super 35 Anamorphic and various other high-speed options including ProRes 444.

Sony 16-35mm power zoom

...Speaking of Sony, the company just launched the new 16-35mm f4 G Power Zoom Lens for full-frame cameras. A perfect companion to cameras such as the Sony FX3, FX6 and FX9, the new 16-35mm G lens is a great value proposition for those looking for a high-quality wide angle auto-focus lens paired with some exceptional video-oriented power zoom features and ergonomics. Perfect for gimbal use or handheld filming, the new Sony FE PZ 16-35mm is significantly lighter compared to similar lenses in its class, and comes equipped with an independent focus, zoom rings as well as a de-clickable aperture ring. Additional on-lens controls include a power zoom rocker, a manual focus switch, and a customisable Focus Hold button, while the advanced optical formula and quiet AF motors ensure a smooth user experience.

Teradek Prism

Teradek just introduced the Teradek Prism - the company's premium encoding and decoding solution. Built to deliver high-quality, low-latency 4K and HD video over the Internet, the Prism comes in two form factors - a rack-mounted unit, and a more compact and portable Prism Flex. The multi-purpose device can provide real-time 4K HDR monitoring, or route streams from point-to-point using SRT or MPEG-TS in addition to backup footage to the Cloud. The Prism offers a broad range of connectivity including 12G-SDI with loop-through and HDMI, supporting 4K/60p 4:2:2 10bit HDR video, while the SD card slots allows users to record footage while livestreaming. The Teradek Prism can also take advantage of cellular connection from multiple mobile devices via signal bonding, and can be easily configured via the web interface or the iOS/Android mobile Prism app.

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