Cooke S8, Tilta Float Stabilizer adapter, CineMatch

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new S8/i prime lenses from Cooke Optics, Tilta's quick-release plate adapter for their float stabilizer arm and the latest HDR updates from Filmconvert for the CineMatch premiere pro plugin.

Cooke S8

Legendary British cine lens maker Cooke has unveiled their latest set of lenses for full-frame cameras. The new Cooke S8 primes launch with seven lenses starting from 25mm up to 135mm featuring a cutting-edge, all-spherical design, a more compact and lightweight body, and a fast T1.4 aperture. The S8 range has been optimised for the latest generation of large format cine cameras and will be expanded with 9 more lenses joining the lineup later in the year. Characterised by the famous "Cooke Look", the new S8 cine primes offer a pristine look complimented with smooth and organic bokeh and pleasing skin tones. Optimised for a smaller camera footprint, the new Cooke S8 lenses feature the latest intelligent i/ technology with not only data and focus position, but also motion data and factory calibrated shading and distortion.

Tilta Float Stabilizer Quick-Release Plate Adapter

Tilta have been making some incredible camera rigs for some time now, and their latest Float Stabilizer Arm has enjoyed quite the success lately. The company's new Manfrotto Quick-Release Plate Adapter for the Tilta Float Stabilizer Arm allows the camera operator to mount compact cameras or gimbals directly on the stabilizing arm, which offers a more controllable and comfortable experience. The Float Arm compensates for vertical movement, and this adapter uses a standard sized Manfrotto plate allowing users to quickly switch between tripods and the Tilta Float Arm.

CineMatch by FilmConvert

Colour matching two or more cameras in post-production has been a challenge for many editors and colourists, especially those working on a budget. CineMatch by FilmConvert has been a popular solution for some time now, and the team just added support for HDR workflows in their Premiere Pro plugin. The latest update adds new Output Transform options in CineMatch to support Rec.2100 HLG and PQ, in addition to various user interface improvements such as a new advanced section for Colour Settings and Data Range, HDR colour management sections and false colour dropdown and toggle. The latest update also adds support for the latest Sony a7 IV full-frame mirrorless camera. That's it for this week, we'll be back next week with more news in 90 seconds.

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