Top 5 Product Releases of 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

2021 is coming to a close and in this episode we recap the past year by giving you our Top 5 Product Releases for 2021!


Sony recently unveiled the VENICE 2 - the company's new full-frame cinema camera flagship. The new camera inherits the DNA of the original VENICE, but with a brand new 8.6K sensor with 16 stops dynamic range and a Dual Native ISO of 800 and 3200. This feature gives users the ability to capture exceptional low-noise images at low light levels. The VENICE 2 is also compatible with the 6K sensor block from the VENICE, which gives users extra frame rates, while the built-in 8-step ND filter system saves a tonne of time on set. Another major improvement with the VENICE 2 is direct on board recording of Sony XOCN raw without the need for the AXS external recorder, which makes for a more compact camera body making the camera more suitable for gimbals, Steadicam rigs, and drones.


The ARRI Hi-5 is the company's fifth generation handheld camera and lens control unit and more than just the successor to the industry-standard WCU-4. The ARRI Hi-5 is envisioned as a completely new camera support ecosystem featuring interchangeable radio modules eliminating interference, more assignable buttons, a new smartphone app, rugged weather-resistant design, multiple power options, Smart Focus Rings that can be instantly mapped to the focus scale and much more. In addition, the ARRI Hi-5 offers multi-axis lens and camera control not just for ARRI cameras, but also cameras from Sony, RED and Panavision with additional control licences.

Zeiss Supreme Radiance

Zeiss is expanding their Supreme Radiance range by adding four new cine lenses including an 18mm, a 40mm, a 65mm and a 135mm telephoto, expanding the set to a total of 11 cine lenses. Known for their signature clean look and controllable flares, the Supreme Radiance primes give cinematographers the ability to craft stunning images with an organic feel and are perfectly suitable for the latest gen large format cine cameras such as the Sony VENICE and Alexa Mini LF.

Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Hard

Litepanels launched a new addition to their Gemini RGBWW LED panel range. The new Gemini 1x1 Hard LED offers a serious output of over 3000 lux at 3 metres making it their most powerful 1x1 Panel. In addition to offering a power output exceeding that of a traditional 200W HMI, the new Gemini 1x1 HARD is also very colour accurate boasting TLCI ratings of 98 in both Tungsten and Daylight modes. The new Gemini 1x1 HARD has been designed with cinematographers and gaffers in mind offering full RGB control, 300 gels, 11 customizable special effects and professional remote control via RDM and wireless DMX.

 Teradek Wave

Teradek had an incredible 2021, and their latest Teradek Wave combined a stunning 7 inch monitor with wireless capabilities. The 1000nits bright 7-inch monitor comes with built-in 1080p streaming and recording functions giving users enough real estate to monitor their stream, while utilising an HDMI input for a camera source. Powered by NP-F style batteries or via USB-C, the monitor comes with support for H.264 encoding and streaming to popular platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo. The Wave also features an intuitive operating system and interface making it easy for users to make adjustments to the livestream and save custom presets.

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