Your favourite Visual Impact Podcast episodes

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

In this episode we reveal the results of the most recent poll we sent out on social media asking you to pick your favourite Visual Impact Podcast episode of 2021.

Steven Fierberg ASC - Entourage & The Affair

Starting out at number 3 is the Entourage and The Affair discussion with cinematographer Steven Fierberg ASC. He shared details about his signature handheld work on Entourage, which has been quite influential in the modern scripted TV drama space. This handheld style of camerawork contributed greatly to capturing the energy and dynamics of the show and quickly became a staple for many other series. In this episode, Steven also shares details on the progression of the visual language during the five seasons of the Golden Globe winning series The Affair, as well as how they created the POV sequences the show is known for.

Paul Cameron ASC - 21 Bridges & Westworld

Moving on to number 2 you voted for the Podcast with Paul Cameron ASC in which he discusses his work on the gritty action thriller "21 Bridges". In this podcast, Paul shares insights on shooting the film on the SONY VENICE, which helped greatly with night exteriors and mixed industrial lighting on the streets of Philadelphia, which stood in for New York during the shoot. In this episode, he also shares his experience on crafting the futuristic world of Season 3 in the Emmy-winning TV Series "Westworld", during which he also directed an episode.


Matt Jensen ASC - Wonder Woman 1984

And finally, your favourite Podcast episode for the past year according to this poll is Wonder Woman 1984, which features the phenomenal work of cinematographer Matt Jensen ASC. In this podcast, Matt shares details on his beginnings as a cinematographer and also how he created Wonder Woman's nostalgic 80's look. In addition, he also shared fascinating insights on working with 65mm IMAX cameras as well as the challenges of filming a big blockbuster on an epic scale in various overseas locations while maintaining consistency of lighting. Matt also shared details on how they managed to achieve the photorealistic effects in the movie by capturing real-world plates and working together with the VFX team.

Matthew Jensen ASC

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