RED V-Raptor, Teradek Bolt 4K, Meike 24mm Cine Prime

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the highly-anticipated addition to RED's DSMC3 line-up, the V-Raptor, Teradek's latest firmware update for their Bolt 4K wireless transmitters & receivers and the new 24mm T2.1 cine prime from budget lens maker Meike.

RED V-Raptor

RED just announced a new 8K camera launching their highly-anticipated DSMC3 range. The new RED V-Raptor Stormtrooper edition comes in white and features a brand new 8K Vista Vision sensor with impressive slow-motion options up to 120 frames per second in 8K and 240fps in 4K. The camera is equipped with a locking-style Canon RF mount, which makes it possible to adapt PL and other lenses, while the back features plenty of IO options including dual 12G-SDI outputs and a built-in V-mount battery plate. The Raptor records to a single CFexpress Type B card, and is the first RED camera to support the latest recording media format. At launch the camera will record in REDCODE RAW in three levels of compression similar to that of the Komodo, with ProRes recording coming shortly.

Teradek Bolt 4K firmware

Teradek has released a new firmware update for their Bolt 4K wireless transmitters and receivers. The latest firmware update v4.2.6 adds LUT capabilities to the more budget friendly Bolt 4K LT and also fixes a few bugs where the device would hang when changing 4K resolutions or restart and lose connection from time to time. These may be small, but very necessary improvements to what are already established industry standard wireless kit. Teradek highly recommends Bolt 4K and 4K LT owners head over to the official website and download the latest firmware and always keep their wireless system up to date.

Meike 24mm Cine Prime

Budget cine lens maker MEIKE has announced a new 24mm T2.1 Cine Prime. This lens is the fourth addition to their Full-Frame cine lens range and is available in various lens mounts including PL, Canon EF, Sony and Canon RF. The new Meike 24mm T2.1 is quick, compact and lightweight at just over 2.4 pounds and shares a standard 0.8 pitch focus and iris gearing paired with an 82mm front just like the rest of the line-up. Meike has so far also released a 35mm, an 85mm, and a 50mm lens in the range, with a wide-angle 16mm and two telephoto primes planned for release towards the end of the year and Q1 of 2022.

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