Chrosziel Zoomer, Canon XF605, Canon 10x16 KAS S

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Chrosziel's announcement of the Zoomer - a new universal servo zoom motor, Canon's release of the XF605 camcorder and also Canon's announcement of a new 10x16 KAS S broadcast zoom lens for 8K broadcast cameras.

Chrosziel Zoomer

German pro camera accessories maker Chrosziel have announced an exciting new accessory for the Sony FX6 and FX9. Simply called - the Zoomer, the compact device is a universal servo zoom motor, which can be mounted on the side of any lens via a 15mm rod to precisely control either the zoom, iris or focus function. This means that even manual lenses are supported and camera operators can adjust focus or zoom right from the Sony FX6 or FX9 multifunction handgrip supplied with the camera, which is great for documentary and run and gun setups. Control commands are looped through the camera and the unit is also compatible with the Sony FS7, FS5 as well as third party cameras or servo controllers using the LANC protocol.

Canon XF605

Canon expands their legendary XF line of pro camcorders with the new Canon XF605. The new camcorder is equipped with a 1-inch CMOS sensor, a DiGic DV7 image processor and can record 4K/60p 10bit HDR video internally to SD cards. In addition, the XF605 also features Canon's highly-acclaimed Dual Pixel AF technology, and for the first time in the XF series, it also includes Eye Detection Autofocus. Known for their world-class optics, Canon have also paired the XF605 with an L-series 15x Zoom and 3 independent rigs for maximum control. And for those that want to take their footage to the next level, Canon Log 3 is also available giving you more creative freedom in post-production.

Canon 10x16 KAS S

And speaking of Canon, the company also announced a new 10x16 KAS S broadcast zoom lens for 8K broadcast cameras equipped with a 1.25 inch sensor. The highly specialized lens features a fast, constant f/2.8 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range starting at 16mm on the wide-end all the way to 160mm on the telephoto side. Suitable for high-end sports, wildlife and music live events, the new lens is also complimented by a high-performance digital servo drive unit and specialty glass and coating elements ensuring incredible life-like detail and sharpness. According to Canon they are expecting to start deliveries sometime in late October.

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