Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact, Rycote Nano Shield, Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Angenieux's new full-frame Optimo Ultra compact zoom lenses, the latest lightweight windshield; the Nano Shield from Rycote and Adobe's release of the July 2021 update for its Creative Cloud suite.

Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact Zoom lenses

During last week's Cannes Film Festival, premiere cine lens maker Angenieux had a nice surprise for cinematographers. At the festival, the company announced two new full-frame Optimo Ultra Compact Zoom lenses - the 21-56mm and a 37-102mm both at T2.9. Designed to compliment the bigger Optimo Ultra 12x cine zooms, the new lenses appear to be more compact and lightweight. And according to FDTimes, Angenieux is expected to release more specifications in August, with deliveries estimated to commence sometime early next year. In addition, there's a good chance we can see prototypes at Cine Gear in September or IBC later in December.

Rycote Nano Shield

Professional audio accessories maker Rycote has announced their latest major advancement in wind protection - the Nano Shield. Designed to provide exceptional wind protection for getting the cleanest audio possible on set, the Nano Shield is said to be the lightest, most compact and most advanced windshield Rycote has ever produced. Featuring a 30% weight reduction compared to standard kits, the Nano Shield boasts a significantly more compact footprint, an oval shape with non-parallel minimising internal resonance, while providing better acoustic transparency with less frequency loss. In addition, the kit includes an advanced low-profile XLR cable for longer mics with built-in RF filter and switchable 80Hz low-cut.

Adobe Creative Cloud July 2021 Update

Adobe has just released the July 2021 Update for its Creative Cloud suite for video creators. The latest update brings exciting new features such as Speech-to-Text to Premiere Pro as well as native Apple M1 support for the latest Macs for Media Encoder, Premiere Pro and Character Animator. Designed to simplify and speed-up the tedious process of captioning, Speech-to-Text supports 13 languages with impressive accuracy according to beta testers. With the latest update M1 Mac users will also enjoy a significant boost in speed thanks to native app support, while Multi-Frame rendering in After Effects now takes advantage of multi-core CPUs for a reported three-fold increase in speed.

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