Sony VENICE wireless control, ARRI Online Academy, Breakthrough Photography Drop-in NDs for RED Komodo

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Sony's latest step-by-step guide on wireless remote control for their VENICE camera, ARRI's new training courses for the ALEXA Mini & AMIRA through it's Online Academy program and the latest RED Komodo accessories from Breakthrough Photography.

Sony VENICE Wireless Camera Control Guide

Sony has released a new guide on wireless remote control for the Sony VENICE. Sony's latest handy step-by-step guide is perfect for camera assistants and contains a walkthrough on how to wirelessly connect the VENICE to a smartphone or computer for remote operation without needing a wireless network. This can be achieved by using any browser on your mobile device giving you access to start/stop recording and to configure settings remotely such as change internal NDs, ISO, White Balance and more. Wireless camera control is a very useful feature to have on-set for any cine camera especially when rigged on a crane, jib, or a car mount.

ARRI Online Academy program

ARRI has added a couple of new training courses for ALEXA Mini and AMIRA through their Online Academy program. The new Advanced Service Training course for Alexa Mini, Amira, and accompanying viewfinder is geared towards camera technicians working in rental houses, distributors, as well as owner operators. The training is presented in an easy to follow pre-recorded video format going through a complete tear-down of the two camera models and the viewfinder designed to make in-house or on-set repairs more manageable. By completing these paid courses users also get access to some specialist tools not available otherwise. You can learn more and sign-up via the link below.

Breakthrough Photography Drop-in ND for RED Komodo

US accessories maker Breakthrough Photography has a new and exciting accessory for the RED Komodo in the works. The company is developing a Drop-in ND filter system compatible with the latest RED Komodo as well as a version for RED DSMC2 cameras. This will allow camera operators to use drop-in filters behind the lens, while still ensuring compatibility with PL mount lenses. Not only that, but the new accessory is professionally machined out of high-quality aluminium making it very lightweight, while still providing a solid and wiggle-free mount without adding extra bulk to the camera rig, keeping it nimble and compact for run-and-gun style filming. The company is also releasing a version with a Variable ND system as well as a straight RF to PL mount adapter.

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