Litepanels Gemini Hard, FX9 and FX6 firmware, Zeiss Supreme Radiance

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Litepanels latest LED panel, The Gemini 1x1 Hard, Sony's upcoming firmware for their FX6 and FX9 cameras and the new additions to the Supreme Radiance line of lenses from Zeiss.

Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Hard

Litepanels is launching a new addition to its Gemini RGBWW LED panel range. The new Gemini 1x1 Hard LED features an impressively bright output of over 3000 lux at 3 meters making it their most powerful 1x1 Panel. With a power output exceeding that of a traditional 200W HMI, the new Gemini 1x1 HARD is not just bright, but also very color accurate - with TLCI ratings of 98 in both Tungsten and Daylight modes. Designed for professional cinematographers and gaffers, the new Gemini 1x1 Hard also offers full RGB control of over 16 million colors, 300 gels and 11 customizable special effects. In addition to intuitive on board controls, the light also offers a full range of professional remote control via DMX, RDM, bluetooth and wireless DMX.

Sony FX9 and FX6 firmware updates

Sony has announced details of a couple of upcoming firmware updates for their FX9 and FX6 cameras. In May, Sony will update both cameras to output 4K RAW up to 120 frames per second to a compatible Atomos recorder, which is also set to debut next month. Other new features will include the addition of Anamorphic desqueeze support for 2x and 1.3x lenses and Super 16 Center Scan mode. Firmware update v3.0 will also provide B4 lens support when using a compatible lens adapter.

Zeiss Supreme Radiance

Legendary optics leader Zeiss is adding a few more lenses to their Supreme Radiance primes. Zeiss just added an 18mm, a 40mm, a 65mm and a 135mm telephoto expanding their set to a total of 11 cine primes. The Zeiss Supreme Radiance lenses are known for enabling cinematographers achieve beautiful and controllable lens flares, while maintaining a world-class image quality. The Zeiss Supremes offer a lightweight and compact package with smooth focus and cover the latest large format sensors in the Alexa Mini LF and Sony VENICE.

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