Tilta, RØDECaster Pro, Avid Media Composer

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Tilta's new cage for the Sony FX6, The RØDECaster Pro's latest beta firmware and the lastest update for Avid's Media Composer editing suite.

Tilta FX6 Cage

Innovative camera accessories maker Tilta has released a new cage and accessories for the Sony FX6. Known for their comprehensive set of camera accessories, the Tilta Cage for the FX6 is no different. The Tilta cage wraps around the FX6 providing additional mounting points for accessories as well as extra protection on set. In addition, the cage system includes a Quick Release baseplate with ARRI Rosettes, a top plate and adjustable top handle arm, to accommodate just about any filming style, while still giving users the option to use the native FX6 top handle if they choose to. In addition, Tilta also offers two different types of battery plates to accommodate V-mount or Gold mount batteries.

RØDECaster Pro firmware

The RØDECaster Pro podcast studio has been extremely popular among the video production and podcasting community ever since its release. And Rode Microphones have been continuously improving the product with firmware updates. The latest firmware update 2.1.2 is still in beta, but it adds quite a few new features. Such include new soundpad modes including a Swear button for bleeping audio or muting remote callers, a new ASIO driver for Window, and USB MIDI control for those that want to take their podcasting even further with multi-track sessions and DAW synchronization. Other new features also include support for new languages for the unit and companion app such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean and more.

RØDECaster Pro

Avid Media Composer update

Avid has also released a new update for their Media Composer editing suite. The latest 2021.3 update brings many anticipated improvements and new features designed to further streamline the editing workflow. With the latest update, it is now easier for editors to create IMF original and supplemental packages for Netflix and other streaming platforms, as well as create more engaging titles. The new Bin Status Bar gives editors a better view of the total number of assets in the bin and performa multi-select inside it. In addition, users can now customise the Media Composer interface using two new highlight colors and a new mid-gray skin.

Avid media composer

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