Sony G lenses, XVS video switcher, Aputure B7c

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the launch of 3 new Sony G lenses for full-frame cameras, Aputure's new B7c 8-Light Kit and the new XVS-G1 video switcher from Sony.

New Sony G Lenses

Sony has launched three new compact and affordable lenses for full-frame cameras. The new Sony G lenses include a 50mm and 40mm f2.5, as well as a wide angle 24mm f2.8. Perfect for both video production and stills, these lenses offer the latest Sony imaging technologies when it comes to resolution, sharpness and autofocus performance. Their uniform size and lightweight design makes them perfect for handheld gimbal stabilizers. In addition, to fast and precise autofocus, the lenses offer lots of ergonomic benefits such as an MF/AF switch, a focus hold button, and even a manual aperture ring with linear response. This makes them even more suitable for video production when paired with cameras such as the FX6 and FX9.

Sont  Compact G Lenses

Sony XVS Switcher

And speaking of Sony, the company also expanded their XVS video switcher range with a new entry level XVS-G1 model. The latest model features 4K and 1080p support and inherits many advanced features from the current high-end switchers. In addition the G1 has a new video processing engine, a hybrid structure, and support for Sony's SR Live workflow and HDR making it ideal for sports and broadcast applications. The built-in clip player is a first for Sony live production switchers, while the newly designed multi-viewer brings in-vision audio monitoring with 4, 10, and even 16-way splits. The XVS-G1 user menu is based on a newly designed web application giving users an option to control the switcher wirelessly via any PC, laptop or tablet.

Sony XVS Switchers

Aputure B7c Light Kit

Aputure has launched their highly anticipated B7c 8 x Light Kit. The kit includes a custom made charging case and 8 Accent B7c smart LED bulbs specifically designed for video production. The Aputure b7C is color matched to the Nova P300c soft panel and offers a wide color range from 2,000 to 10,000 Kelvin. In addition the B7c has some unique features such as physical controls for dimming, which sets it apart from the competition. The charging case can charge up to 8 bulbs at a time and also offers innovative features such as push-pull design with additional short protection. In the coming months, users will also be able to purchase the charging case separately.

Aputure B7c

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