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Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring's C2C, or Camera to Cloud – a new secure service that connects the modern film set to the cloud. Plus the Focus Pro OLED Limited Edition monitor from SmallHD and Sony's new VENICE Technicolour LOOK LIBRARY. Camera to Cloud launched a new major service designed to further integrate the film production set with the Cloud. With Camera to Cloud users can send proxies with synced audio and timecode from compliant professional cameras to the cloud instantly. This can be done either via current 4G and future 5G networks or Wi-Fi. partnered with Teradek, Sound Devices and Colorfront to provide an end-to-end pipeline with certified equipment. At launch compatible cameras include RED DSMC2, ARRI ALEXA and AMIRA with more to follow. The service is currently in beta and will be available at no additional cost to users with paid Pro and Team accounts as well as Enterprise accounts on a project by project basis.

SmallHD Focus Pro OLED

SmallHD has released a new version of one of their latest on-camera monitors. The new Focus Pro OLED Limited Edition comes in White to match the latest RED Komodo Stormtrooper cameras, however thanks to its SDI functionality it can be used with other professional cameras. The Focus Pro OLED has a full  set of professional monitoring tools including custom 3D LUT support, and features a bright, 1080 touch screen display with a RED Komodo Camera Control License included.

Sony Technicolor Look Collection for VENICE

Sony has launched the Technicolor Look Collection with 22 LUTs for the Sony VENICE. These new looks can be used for both on-set monitoring and post-production. When used in-camera for monitoring purposes, the VENICE supported the new .art format available since the launch of firmware v6.0. This LOOK Library has been specifically developed for the VENICE colour science and leverages Technicolors legendary expertise in the field. Each look includes a .art file for improved in-camera monitoring, as well as SDR and HDR .cube files for post-production and delivery.

And speaking of Sony, just a quick reminder you can still register for our free streaming event next week on February 24th with Alister Chapman, who will be going over the wide range of Sony camera and audio gear, their differences and how to pick the right equipment for your video production. Use the link below

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