Top Netflix cameras, Chrosziel, CEDAR for Sound Devices

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the cameras behind the top 20 Netflix originals of 2020, Chrosziel's development of a new dedicated full servo drive unit for the new Fujinon Premista zoom lenses as well as Sound Devices collaboration with CEDAR to create the sdnx noise suppression plugin.

Top Netflix cameras

A recent online article on revealed what cameras were used to film the top 20 Netflix originals of 2020. Not surprisingly the list includes a wide range of cine cameras, with more than half of the DoPs using ARRI cameras including older film cameras such as the ARRIFLEX 416. The ARRI Alexa LF and Alexa MINI were the most popular choices, followed by the Panavision DXL2 and Sony VENICE. Three other films used RED cameras including the highly-acclaimed MANK, who's DP Erik Messerchmidt used a custom made RED Helium Monochrome to capture the fascinating Black and White world of Golden Era Hollywood.

Top Netflix Cameras

Chrosziel Servo Drive for Fujinon Premista

Pro camera accessories maker Chrosziel has announced the company is in development of a new dedicated Full Servo Drive Unit for the new Fujinon Premista zoom lenses. Previously, Chrosziel had developed a compact servo unit for the MK Series Fujinon zoom lenses, and now with their new servo unit the company is looking to bring a more ergonomic workflow to the new Premista Zooms allowing them to be used in compact handheld setups and more traditional broadcast configurations. There is no pricing or availability information yet, however the new servo will be fully featured with iris, zoom, and focus support and other professional features such as Cooke i metadata support.


CEDAR sdnx Noise Suppression Plugin for Sound Devices

Sound Devices has announced a collaboration with the makers of the award-winning CEDAR sdnx Noise Suppression Plugin, which is now coming to the Sound Devices 8 Series Mixers/Recorders. This is a big deal for professional sound recordists and sound mixers, working in Film, TV and the broadcast sector. The CEDAR noise reduction plugin is available in three paid options - a 2, 4, and 8 instances of noise suppression depending on your needs. And most importantly, unlike before, now this plugin does not require any additional hardware and can be installed directly into the 833, 888 or Scorpio mixers. Sound Devices is also offering a free demo of the 2 instances version for those interested to try out the plugin before they buy.

Sound Devices CEDAR sdnx

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