ARRI EF (LBUS) Mount, SmallHD Indie 7, Sony FX9 ProRes RAW Support

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring a brand new EF LBUS lens mount for the ALEXA Mini and Mini LF cameras from Arri, a new & more affordable Indie 7 on-camera monitor from Small HD, plus the eagerly anticipated ProRes RAW firmware for the Sony FX9 from Atomos.

ARRI EF (LBUS) Mount for Alexa MINI and MINI LF

ARRI has announced a brand new Canon EF lens mount for their ALEXA Mini LF and Alexa MINI cameras. The new EF LBUS mount gives cinematographers access to an enormous range of full-frame EF lenses including both specialty fish-eye and tilt-shift lenses, as well as Cine style EF mount primes and zooms. And thanks to the built-in LBUS port, camera assistance can connect cforce lens motors, WCU-4 controllers or Master Grips. This gives camera operators more freedom to easily control EF mount lenses, while maintaining lens metadata and lens Image Stabilisation support on supported lenses.

SmallHD Indie 7 

SmallHD has announced a new, and more affordable Indie 7 on-camera monitor. The new 7-inch Indie 7 is a more budget-friendly version of the Cine 7, and although not as bright, it does also offer RED Komodo and DSMC 2 control via touchscreen with an additional license. The Indie 7 comes with a hypersensitive 1920 x 1200 touchscreen display, 1000nits brightness, HDMI and 3G-SDI connectivity, and is also powered by a couple of Sony style NP-F batteries.

Sony FX9 gets ProRes RAW Support 

Atomos just released the eagerly anticipated ProRes RAW firmware for the Sony FX9. When paired with the Shogun 7 and the XDCA extension unit, the FX9 can now output a raw signal which is recorded on the Shogun 7 as 12bit ProRes RAW in resolutions up to 4K/60p or 2K/180 frames per second slow motion. FX9 users do need to upgrade to the latest firmware v2.01 and also download firmware v10.42 for Shogun 7, which is free from the Atomos website.

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