Sachtler aktiv™, Orbiter accessories, DJI RS2 gimbal

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring Sachtler's new aktiv™ range fluid heads for flowtech tripods, a new line of light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter from DoP Choice, plus the new DJI RS 2 gimbal with huge 4.5kg payload for Professional & Hybrid Cameras.

Sachtler aktiv™ fluid heads

Sachtler has just announced their new aktiv range fluid heads for flowtech tripods. Three years ago Sachtler broke the mold of the conventional tripod design with their highly successful flowtech series, and now they aim to do the same with the new akitv fluid heads. Available in four models, and aimed at the professional broadcast market, the aktiv range makes it super easy and quick to adjust and level your tripod head with just the use of a lever. With improved payloads starting from zero up to 12kgs, the aktiv range of heads also makes it very easy to go from a tripod to a slider setup in seconds and brings hassle-free level adjustment even in the dark thanks to the new PrismBubble.

DoP Choice accessories for the Arri Orbiter

Popular lighting accessories manufacturer DoP Choice has announced a new line of light modifiers for the ARRI Orbiter LED light. The Orbiter is a premium LED fixture aimed at the high end production market, and as such it requires top of the line light shaping accessories.  In addition to various sizes rectangular Snapbag soft boxes, DoP Choice is also offering octagonal-shaped Octa 4 Snapbag, as well a dome-shaped softbox, all with the intent to give cinematographers more control over how soft of a light they want from the Orbiter.

DJI RS 2 gimbal

After months or rumors and teasers, DJI has finally unveiled their new Ronin S2 and the more compact Ronin SC2 gimbals. Now rebranded to the RS2, the Ronin S successor brings carbon fibre elements for a more lightweight footprint and the ability to carry a heavier payload at a maximum of 4.5kgs. Aimed at professional compact cine cameras and fully rigged hybrid cameras, the DJI RS2 brings new features such as motor locks on all three axis, a built-in touchscreen and a new RavenEye wireless image transmission system. For those looking to use smaller and lighter cameras, the RSC2 comes with a new foldable design that makes it easier to store as well as get super smooth shots in briefcase mode in a pinch.

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