Arri Signature Zooms, Canon EOS C70, Blackmagic Camera 7.0

Welcome to the 200th episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new Signature Zoom range from Arri that includes 4 new zooms and a lens extender providing coverage up to 510mm, the Canon EOS C70 new generation RF Mount Cinema EOS camera with a Super 35mm DGO 4K sensor, plus camera update 7.0, which expands the high frame rate support on the URSA Mini Pro 12K from Blackmagic Design.

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Arri Signature Zooms

ARRI has just announced their new Signature Zooms. Designed to compliment and match the existing Signature Primes, the Signature Zoom range features four new zooms as well as a lens extender providing coverage up to 510mm. Designed to cover both large format sensors such as those in the ALEXA Mini LF and VENICE,  as well as Super 35 sensors, the Signature Zooms include a 16-32mm wide-angle zoom, a 24-75mm all-rounder, a 45-135mm and a 65-300mm telephoto zoom all at T2.8. Sharing many design characteristics with the Signature Primes, the new cine zoom range will also be available in LPL mount. The new Signature Zooms are scheduled to start shipping in Q2 of next year and you can register your interest via the link below.

Canon EOS C70

Canon also announced their first RF mount Cinema EOS camera. The new Canon EOS C70 bridges the gap between cinema cameras and DSLRS with a robust, but still compact form factor and a stunning Super35 4K sensor with DGO technology capable of 16 stops dynamic range. The camera can record 4K up to 120fps in 10bit 422 and features 2 SD card slots. The EOS C70 also features the latest and improved Dual Pixel AF with Intelligent Tracking and Recognition, a full size HDMI and time code support.

Canon also announced a new EF to RF mount lens adapter with 0.71x magnification enabling support for full-frame lenses on the C70 while providing an additional stop of light.

Blackmagic Camera update 7.0

Blackmagic Design also released Camera Update 7.0, which expands the high frame rate support on the URSA Mini Pro 12K. Slow motion frame rates on the 12K URSA camera are bumped to 75fps in 12K, and 120fps in 8K and 4K using the full sensor. In addition, users get a new 12K LUT for the URSA viewfinder and the ability to capture 80 megapixel still frames in Blackmagic RAW.

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