Laowa 25-100mm T2.9, Blackmagic Video Assist 3.2.2, SmallHD 4K HDR Production Monitors

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This week we are featuring the long-awaited Laowa 25-100mm T2.9 cine zoom lens from Venus Optics, Video Assist 3.2.2 Update from Blackmagic Design, plus new 4K HDR Production monitors from Small HD.

 Laowa 25-100mm T2.9 cine zoom

Budget lens maker Venus Optics just announced their first cine zoom lens is now shipping. The long-awaited Laowa 25-100mm T2.9 cine zoom has been designed from the ground up for cinema use, with a rugged all-metal housing, 0.8 pitch gear rings, and a 300 degree focus throw. Available in PL, EF, and Sony E mount, the lens is aggressively priced at just $5,000, and while it has been designed for Super35 sensors, Venus Optics has a 1.4x Full-Frame PL Adapter in the works, which will enable cinematographers to use this lens on full frame cameras such as the Sony FX9, VENICE or ALEXA Mini LF. In addition, the company is also working on a rear-mounted Anamorphic adapter. Both adapters are scheduled to ship sometime in November.

Blackmagic Video Assist 3.2.2 Update

Blackmagic Design has just released Video Assist 3.2.2 Update which fixes some bugs relating to an occasional metadata sync issue when recording Blackmagic RAW. In addition, the latest firmware update and improves HDR color space selection on Video Assist 12G HDR, and also corrects the reddish LCD color bias on some Video Assist 5” 12G HDR monitor/recorders. You can download the free Video Assist 3.2.2 firmware update via the link in the description.

SmallHD 4K HDR Production monitors

SmallHD has some attractive launch pricing on their newest lineup of 4K HDR Production monitors offering discounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 on select models. The new SmallHD 4K HDR monitors are pitched as a complete monitoring solution for end-to-end 4K HDR workflows. New models include a 10bit Vision 24-inch model with 1000nits brightness and a smaller 17inch model. Both offer 115% DCI P3 colour space coverage as well as a full set of 4K HDR monitoring tools and professional connectivity on board. The range also includes a true 10bit, 22-inch 4K Reference OLED monitor for colour grading in post, as well as a 24 inch High Bright version for 4K HDR monitoring on set.

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