Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo, DaVinci Resolve 16.2.4 & ATEM Advanced Panels, Wooden Camera accessories for RED Komodo

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.


This week we are featuring  the Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo 360 degree virtual experience that is packed with interactive content, the latest DaVinci Resolve update 16.2.4 and new ATEM Advanced Panels from Blacmagic Design, plus new Wooden Camera accessories for the RED Komodo Camera.

Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo

Legendary lens maker Zeiss has just launched their first Virtual Cine Expo. Available now to access for free via the link below, the Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo is a 360 degree virtual experience that is packed with interactive content with Zeiss product specialists and live presentations with world-renowned cinematographers. In addition, virtual attendees can check out the latest lens additions to the Zeiss Supreme Prime as well as learn more about the Supreme Radiance range and other cinema lenses that Zeiss makes including the CP.3s and Lightweight zooms. The Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo runs from July 15th to the 17th, however Zeiss will leave access to their virtual booth accessible until the Fall.

DaVinci Resolve 16.2.4 and ATEM Advanced Panels

Blackmagic Design has just released a new update to DaVinci Resolve. The latest Resolve 16.2.4 update brings improved debayering support for RAW video clips from the Canon 1D X Mark III and EOS R5 cameras. In addition users get improved tone mapping when using wipes in HDR projects and improved JPEG 2000 decoding in Windows and Linux.

This past week Blackmagic Design also announced their new ATEM Advanced Panels. Optimised to work with all ATEM Switchers, the new massive Advanced panels are loaded with up to 4 M/Es, 24 separate LCDs for custom button labels, 4 separate system control LCDs, 4 T bar fader controls and much more giving users total control in live production environment.

Wooden Camera accessories for RED Komodo

Wooden Camera has launched their official accessories for the upcoming RED Komodo 6K camera. With special editions Stormtrooper Komodo cameras being unleashed into the wild as we speak, there will be quite a few cinematographers out there in need of accessories for the tiny RED camera. Accessories include a Canon RF to PL mount adapter, a Battery Slide Pro adapter enabling Komodo operators to use longer lasting V-mount batteries and a B-Box breakout box providing essential ports such as Timecode, Genlock and RS 3 pin Fisher for start/stop and others. Wooden Camera is also offering various accessory kit configurations to suit just about any budget.

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