New Vocas Accessories for the Canon EOS C200

New Vocas accessories for the Canon EOS C200 recently released, including a new base plate, cage and other units specifically tailored to the C200. Vocas are reported to be manufacturing a completely unique C200 viewfinder bracket due to its original one not being able to adjust forward or backward directions.

The newest additions to Vocas accessories range for the C200 include a top cheese plate, viewfinder bracket, sliding system, and a cage. Also recently introduced in a new Top Handgrip Pro designed for users who like to have a closed handle for extra level of security and safety. 

Vocas Accessories

Top Handgrip Pro
In addition to the added security and safety, the handle has many mounting options for ¼" and cold-shoe accessories. A carrying strap can also be attached to the handle.

The top handgrip Pro is a modular system with many possibilities. The core of the system is the closed handle itself. There is a choice when mounting on smaller cameras, such as the Canon EOS C300 (0450-1405), or when mounting on big cameras, such as the Canon EOS C700 (0450-1400). For both applications, various mounting brackets are available.

Alternatively, a choice can be made between a single or multiple handle fixing points. When using a single mounting bracket, the carrying weight reaches 40 kg. With multiple mounting brackets, this increases to 75 kg!

When using a single mounting bracket, a clamping block (0350-2010) can also be mounted so that 15 mm top bars can be used. The clamping blocks are available in 15 and 19 mm. If two mounting brackets are used then two clamping blocks can also be mounted to provide more stability and carrying capacity.

New in this case is the 19 mm dividable clamping block (0450-2010). The 19 mm dividable clamping block designed for the top handgrip Pro can be split into two single 19 mm rod holders. In this way, a single 19 mm rod can be mounted on two mounting brackets (front and rear), whereupon lens motors can be attached.

Viewfinder bracket
Vocas will provide a complete C200 viewfinder solution based on NATO rail, as shown in the picture below. The 15 mm viewfinder adapter (0350-1456), which fits the original Canon EOS C200 top handle directly,  provides a 15 mm horizontal rod to mount any NATO accessory.

Vocas Accessories

The Vocas viewfinder bracket (0700-0080) which provides a rigid and stable mounting solution for the Canon EOS C200 LCD prevents the LCD from twisting. Twisting of the LCD can result in a crooked horizon of the image. An adjustable friction mechanism is integrated to tilt the LCD up and down.

Vocas Accessories

Top cheese plate
The new Vocas top cheese plate (0350-1320) for the Canon EOS C200 has integrated holes for 15 mm rails. To this cheese plate, both the original C200 handgrip and the Vocas top handgrip low (0350-1405) can be mounted.

A top handgrip kit for the Canon EOS C200 (0350-1120) consisting of the top cheese plate, top handgrip low and the viewfinder adapter is available as well.

Vocas Accessories

This top cheese plate fits directly on the top of the Canon EOS C200 camera and provides additional mounting points for ¼” and 3/8”accessories and also allows the use of top 15 mm rails!

Using top rails in combination with the Vocas Sliding Systems gives you even more benefits. The top cheese plate can mount either the original Canon camera handgrip or the Vocas top handgrip low.

Sliding System
This new base plate features everything you need to convert your camera into a shoulder camera, and is compatible with the Canon EOS C200 camera. Mounting the camera plate to the camera uses four attachment points which gives the camera more stability. With the dedicated base plate mounted to the camera it becomes a part of the Vocas Sliding System.

The dedicated camera adapter plate makes the use of the dedicate Vocas cage kit (0600-0050) for the Canon EOS C200 possible.

Cage for Canon EOS C200
Even though attached to four points underneath the camera, this improvement at the bottom of the camera is not stable enough to eliminate all play and movement. When using heavy set-ups, some extra steadiness and stability is required.

Therefore Vocas has developed a light weight camera cage (0600-0050) which is connected to the Vocas top cheese plate (0350-1320) and the Vocas camera adapter plate (0350-2260) on both sides of the camera. On the operators side, a standard rosette is integrated in the cage.

All the above Vocas accessories will be available to order from our web store soon.