New Tutorial Videos For SmallHD's 502 and 501 On Camera 3D LUT Monitors

The SmallHD 501 and 502 monitors have been really popular with handheld gimbal stabiliser operators and FS5 and FS7 owners. The units are really well built, feature incredible resolution and colour reproduction as well as a vast array of image monitoring functions such as Peaking, False Colour, Zebras and are the only monitors in this price range to support 3D LUTs for monitoring.

SmallHD 502 Hand

SmallHD just released 11 tutorial videos explaining how to get the best out of their 500 series monitors. You can watch them below.

SmallHD 502 Features

  • 5-inch on-camera 1080p Full HD monitor
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • SDI/HDMI Cross Conversion (501 is HDMI only)
  • Incredibly Light and Durable
  • Robust signal support
  • Best-in-class 3D LUT integration
  • 3 second boot time
  • Powered via 2 x Canon LP-E6 batteries (LP-E6N compatible)


Title Safe

Settings Menu




Focus Assist

Exposure Assist (False Colour)



Aspect Guide

To get your SmallHD 502 or 501 monitor head over to our website here.