New Sony FS7 Lightweight Support From Chrosziel and ARRI PCA

The Sony FS7 started shipping not even six months ago in limited quantities, but that hasn't satiated the demand for the 4K camera, which has been quite overwhelming. Sony managed to pack so much performance into a relatively small camera body for an unbelievably low price thus giving freelance camera professionals, rental houses and production companies a real 4K workhorse that can also deliver stunning Full HD images in high frame rates as well as Raw output to external recorders.

However, getting the camera is just a part of the puzzle, and even though the design of the FS7 is quite ergonomic and works out of the box just fine, for some owner/operators or DP's the challenge arises when the camera needs to be rigged with matteboxes, follow focuses and other professional accessories depending on the production. Reputable gear makers like Vocas, ARRI and Chrosziel have some really useful additional accessories for the FS7 that will make your life on set a whole lot easier.


With the new Light Weight Support 401-FS7 for Sony PXW-FS7, Chrosziel developed a support with integrated shoulder pad and unparalleled slim design. The ergonomic pad is slideable and allows easy and safe rest of the LWS on the shoulder. Its integrated V-mount reliably fixes the camera on a quick-lock plate.

Chrosziel LWS 401-FS7 Features

  • Sony V-Mount for Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-130, Sony VCT-14 or Arri V-Lock-Baseplate
  • Can be combined with Chrosziel 19 mm DigiCine Bridgeplate 401-F235*
  • Slideable Shoulderpad, robust and sturdy
  • LWS safely screwed on the camera base at several points for stable fixing
  • Rod clamping for Ø15 mm rods, 205 mm long, with thread insert for extension rods
  • Retrofit rear rod clamping 401-FS7-01
  • Hirth rosettes for combination with Chrosziel Leather Handgrips 403-30
  • Optional use of Cheeseplate
  • Perfectly balances the camera on the shoulder
  • Light-weight and easy to use

*requires accessories kit 401-F235-FS7 (screws and distance sleeve)

MB 565

In addition, Chrosziel have a new premium mattebox called the MB 565, which sports a new lightweight design and multiple filter stages.

Developed to meet the rigorous demands of today‘s cinematic productions, the Chrosziel MB 565 Cine.1 unites virtually all conceivable applications in one product. Durable, yet light-weight and equipped with a variety of essential features, the MatteBox MB 565 is designed for the latest fast and superwide lenses with an outside diameter of up to 150mm.

It is optionally available as Clamp On version or for use on 15mm or 19mm rods and as a Swing-Away version. The MatteBox is freely expandable from one to three filter stages, each 360° rotatable.

For the first time, we use a high impact Polyblend for the housing – a thermoplastic sheet which is extremely resistant and features high impact strength and extensibility. Polyblend is also used in the automotive, aerospace and packaging industry and in laboratory.

ARRI also have some new Pro accessories for the popular Sony FS7, Panasonic Varicam 35 and the highly anticipated Canon C300 Mark II 4K camera. As with any professional camera these days getting the right bits around it to make it workable on a professional set can be quite a challenge due to the fact there are so many options out there. However, when it comes to quality and durability ARRI has you covered. Check out the NAB 2015 presentation video below by ARRI for more details.

ARRI Professional Camera accessories for the Sony FS7, Panasonic Varicam 35 and Canon C300 Mark II

For all your Sony FS7 needs head over here, and use the product links on the side for Chrosziel and ARRI PCA accessories.