New Impressive Demo of Canon's New Ultra High-Sensitivity 35mm Full Frame Sensor

Recently at Canon EXPO in Paris, the Japanese camera and lens maker unveiled some of the latest technologies the companies is working and that we are likely to see implemented in future products.

Some of the new developments include an insane 250 megapixel APS-H sensor packing 5 times more pixels than the 50 MP 5DS and also an Ultra-High-Sensitivity 35mm Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, which can capture videos in conditions of only 0.03 lux – or pretty much the amount of light provided by a crescent moon.


With pixels measuring 19μm x 19μm, this sensor will achieve an incredibly high level of sensitivity and will be 7.5x the size of the one featured in our current top-of-the-line DSLRs. It will perceive objects and facial features indiscernible to the naked eye in such dark conditions. Ideal for surveillance and security as well as astronomical observations, filming nocturnal wildlife, and even medical research.

Here's some footage of glow worms shot in a cave in New Zealand with the ME20F-SH camera, which we also wrote about here.

Capable to see in the dark with ISO up to 4 Million, the Canon ME20F-SH is ideal for use within specialist applications such as TV productions of night time wildlife, deep sea/cave exploration, astronomy and surveillance. The ability to install the camera in a semi-permanent location, with remote control operability also means that for documentary and natural history filmmakers.



• A unique, 35mm full-frame, video camera with extreme low light performance in colour, over ISO 4 million and IR support. • Shoot Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p to an external recorder and benefit from Canon Log and Wide DR. • Automatic control with AE, AWB, AF and Custom Picture settings, plus ISO 800 to 4 million for shooting day/night time. • Experience a wealth of lens options via an EF mount with Cinema Lock and a 12-pin terminal for Canon Servo lens support (with compatible lenses). • Works with the Canon Remote Control RC-V100 to control the built-in IR and ND filters.

While US pre-order pricing seems to be around $20,000 at the moment, UK pricing hasn't been confirmed yet, but our Sales team can help with a quote and/or any other Canon requirements for your production. Get in touch over at 0208 977 1222. The camera is expected to be start shipping later in December 2015.