New GEMINI sensor for RED EPIC-W

GEMINI 5K S35 low light sensor for RED EPIC-W. Just when we thought it was quiet running up to NAB, Red have announced a new sensor for their RED EPIC-W camera. 

The GEMINI™ 5K S35 sensor has 15.4 Megapixels and is 300 pixels taller than the standard RED sensor which makes it ideal for shooting with anamorphic lenses.

Using this sensor the camera can capture 5K full format motion at up to 96 fps with fantastic data speeds of up to 275 MB/s. However, the most impressive feature is its low light capability which makes it 2 stops more sensitive than the Helium. In common with the latest batch of high-end cameras it has dual ISO modes. With RED stating that the images captured in lowlight mode at ISO 3200 will be as clean as 800 ISO in the standard range.

The new RED EPIC-W with GEMINI 5 K S35 sensor is available online starting at $24,500. For customers with a WEAPON or RED EPIC-W 8K can choose to upgrade to the GEMINI sensor at a later date.

Key Features:

  • New 15.4 Megapixel 5K S35 sensor that delivers optimized low-light performance
  • 30.72 mm x 18 mm (Diag: 35.61 mm)
  • Dual sensitivity sensor provides greater flexibility for a variety of shooting environments
  • Seamless switching between Standard and Low Light modes
  • Cinematic image quality
  • Rated at 16.5 stops Dynamic Range
  • Ships with IPP2
  • 5K up to 96 fps Full Format
  • 4K up to 30 fps and 2K up to 120 fps using ProRes or Avid
  • Simultaneously record REDCODE plus ProRes or Avid
  • Up to 275 MB/s write speeds
  • Interchangeable lens mount
  • Future-proofed (accessories can be used with all DSMC2 cameras) and available with RED ARMOR-W
  • Full modularity and a small, lightweight design