New Fujinon 4K Cabrio XK 20-120mm T3.5 Light Weight Cine Zoom to Debut at NAB 2016

Fujifilm is about to debut a brand new addition to their Cabrio range - the XK 6x20 light weight cine zoom with the impressive 20-120mm range at T3.5 constant aperture. The new light weight zoom lens will be available in industry standard PL mount thus making it a perfect fit for Super35 digital cameras such as the Sony PMW-F55, Varicam LT, and C300 PL mount.

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No stranger to making cine zoom lenses with ENG capabilities, such as the Cabrio 19-90mm, which has been dominating the world of high-end documentaries and ENG productions with Super35 cameras such as the ARRI Amira and Sony PMW-F55. However, this time around the range is increased to 20-120mm and at T3.5 max aperture throughout the range with some significant weight savings.

The lens weights only 2.4kg without the optional ENG Servo unit - and just 2.9kg with it and stretches to just 239mm. These weight savings are quite significant given the fact that this lens will live mostly on shoulder rigs and every bit of weight that can be taken off the shoulders of camera professionals will be greatly appreciated by them.

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The Cabrio XK6x20 (the lens' official name) features also a solid built that we've come to expect from a Fujinon cine zoom lens. A large 200 degree focus throw is there to accommodate follow focus units and the industry standard 0.8 pitch gears on each ring ensures comparability off the bat with standardised FF units.

Fujinon Cabrio XK 20-120mm T3.5 PL Features

  • Impressive range: 20-120mm
  • Industry standard PL mount
  • T3.5 constant aperture through the zoom range
  • Optional Servo-zoom unit for ENG use
  • Large 200 degree focus rotation for follow focus use
  • Zoom rotation - 90 degrees
  • Cinema Industry standard 0.8 pitch gears for follow focus units
  • Perfect for Sony FS7 (with adapter), Varicam LT, RED Epic/Weapon, C300 PL, F55 with PL adapter

Fujifilm are known for world-class optical quality and where able to achieve this high level of optical performance, which surpasses 4K resolutions, by combining a special optical  fluorite ED glass and a large-diameter aspherical lens to eliminate chromatic aberration and ghosting artefacts.

Fujifilm engineers were also able to incorporate a newly developed HT-EBC coating in the optical design and construction of the Cabrio XK cine zoom. It achieves even higher light transmittance and lower reflectance compared to conventional EBC coatings, and improves red and blue transmittance while ensuring 4K resolution capture with rich colour fidelity and life-like and naturalistic skin tones.

For Fujinon cine lenses, to improve image delineation of the more natural out-of-focus areas, Fujifilm optical engineering team ran computer simulations to optimize the number and shape of the diaphragm blades, enabling them to develop a nine-blade aperture diaphragm for the Cabrio XK 6x20. The circular bokeh is quite pleasing and appears natural thanks to the 9 blade aperture.

The Cabrio XK6x20 by Fujifilm raises the bar once again for high-quality cinematic production enabling cinematographers to save time on set by using one lens that can do it all.

We don't have official pricing for the 20-120mm T3.5 PL yet, but we hear that the lens will be surprisingly affordable compared to similarly positioned cine zoom lenses. More is to be revealed as we get closer to NAB.

We expect this product to be in high demand, so to avoid long wait times, best to place you pre-order by giving us a call at 0208 977 1222.