New Fujinon 4K Broadcast Zoom Lenses

Fujifilm adds three new Fujinon 4K broadcast zoom lenses to its broadcast lens lineup. Catering to the needs of 4K video production, these compact and lightweight wide-angle / ultra wide-angle portable lenses - Fujinon UA18x5.5 and Fujinon UA14x4.5 - together with a 27x studio lens - Fujinon UA27x6.5 - expand the lineup to 7 models. 

Capturing a wide range of scenes the UA18x5.5 covers the focal lengths of 5.5mm - 100mm. The ultra wide angle lens UA14x4.5 covers the focal lengths of 4.5mm - 63mm. For versatility, the UA27x6.5 is a 27x zoom lens that covers the focal lengths of 6.5mm - 180mm.

Fujinon 4K Broadcast Zoom Lenses Fujinon UA18×5.5

These new Fujinon 4K broadcast zoom lenses deliver 4K quality across their zoom ranges by preventing resolution degradation around the edges and controlling all types of aberrations.

Accommodating an increasing number of videographers shooting while carrying 4K equipment on the shoulder, the UA18x5.5 and UA14x4.5 are portable lenses with compact and lightweight bodies for advanced mobility.

Fujinon 4K Broadcast Zoom Lenses Fujinon UA14x5.5

Weighing 2.04kg, the UA18x5.5 covers focal lengths from 5.5mm on the wide angle end to 100mm on the telephoto end. This makes it useful for production situation requiring flexible mobility i.e. news reporting.

Despite its compact body, the UA14x4.5 covers ultra wide angle focal length of 4.5mm. Go up close and personal during live sport coverage or on-location production with a real sense of depth. The UA27x6.5 is perfect for in-studio applications for news and variety shows with a wide-angle focal length of 6.5mm.

Fujinon 4K Broadcast Zoom Lenses Fujinon UA27x6.5

Fujinon UA18x5.5 and Fujinon UA14x4.5, will be released in late April, 2017, while the 27x studio zoom lens, Fujinon UA27x6.5, is scheduled for release in late June, 2017. See all three models on display at the NAB 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas from April 24 to 27 2017.

You can find more information, technical data or specifications at Fujifilm's official website.