New Canon EOS C300 Mark II Video Tutorials

Canon recently released a collection of very informative and helpful video tutorials on their latest 4K Cinema EOS camera - the C300 Mark II. These new tutorials will help users and video professional interested in learning more about the camera; the tutorials include camera walk-through including buttons placement, changes compared to the original C300, custom picture menus including LUTs and 4K monitoring among many others.

canon eos c300 mark ii nab

Jem Schofield DP, takes a look at the new internal and external features of the new Canon C300 mark II in the tutorials below. These tutorials were produced by Canon with the aim of helping users and potential customer get the most of the camera and hit the ground running in any production environment.

The first tutorial goes over the new features of the C300 MK II. These tutorials are quite informative and are best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

The next tutorial delves into the Customer Picture options the C300 Mark II including Custom picture, Gamma, Color space, Color matrix and LUT. Also, you can see Jem's personal recommendations when painting in camera using certain combinations of Gamma, Colour space and Colour Matrix.

Unlike the predecessor, the new C300 mark II can record in 4K both internally and externally. The C300 Mk II is a beast of a camera with a vast selection of different recording options, which include DCI 4K, QHD 4K, 2K and FHD. You can learn more about these features in the video tutorial below:

External recording options are discussed in the video tutorial below:

The focus assist and auto-focus aids such as Dual Pixel AF are one of the best features about the new C300 MK II and have taken the industry by storm. DAF was available as an upgrade option on the original C300, but now Dual Pixel AF is even better and comes as standard on the C300 Mark II. Check out Jem Schoefield's tutorial below on how to get the best out of the focus assist tools included in the C300 Mark II:

Setting up correct options for the camera and display to monitor 4K RAW can be a daunting task when you're doing it for the first time, but the tutorial below makes it a breeze to do. Find out how to set up HDR as well as an ACES proxy workflow including using an ASC CDL workflow on the Canon DP-V2410 4K monitor.

The Canon C300 Mark II is an extremely powerful tool for broadcast and film production. The possibilities of what can be filmed with the camera are literally endless - and hopefully these tutorials demonstrate the vast applications for this camera whether you are looking for the Super35 look for your documentary or you are working predominantly in the field of corporate video, no projec is too small or big for the C300 mark II.

With recording options from HD to 4K DCI including 4K Raw, the C300 mark II is a fierce machine with some unique industry-leading Autofocus features that are sure to make your life on set a lot easier.

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