New Batteries and Power Accessories for the Sony FS7 From Hawk-Woods

The Sony FS7 was announced at last year's IBC trade show in Amsterdam where it took the broadcast and professional video world by storm. With a price-to-performance ratio that has not been offered before or since, we could see why the FS7 became the camera “de jour” for many productions varying from commercials, to music videos, documentaries and corporate work. Our team on the floor at IBC saw the potential of this camera and placed a large order with Sony immediately, and every day since the camera started shipping we've been making tens of DP's and producers happy by delivering their new “baby” F5 as someone called it the other day.

Ergonomics aside, which it has in spades, the Sony FS7 can do what most cameras can't – record 4K internally on a robust and broadcast friendly codec – XAVC directly to XQD media cards. No need for external recorders, which are available should one require 4K RAW or 4K ProRes (via third party recorders like the Atomos Shogun or the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+). Sony is also releasing a firmware upgrade to allow for ProRes (1080p only) recording internally onto the XQD cards soon.

Apart from lenses, and additional audio accessories such as shotgun and radio mics, one department which a future or current FS7 customer needs to consider is – battery power. The FS7 cost benefits don't only come internally. The camera can be powered via inexpensive Sony BPU style batteries, in addition to an XDCA-FS7 attachement which allowes for V-lock style batteries for prolonged use. For those looking for alternative BPU style power, or V-lock, Hawk-Woods recently released their latest power accesorries for the Sony FS7. Take a look at their offerings below.

The VL-FS7 is a direct V-Lok fitting for Sony's FS7 camera allowing the user to use high powered V-Lok batteries rather than BPU batteries which are the standard battery for the FS7 camera. The adaptor attaches via the lock in mechanism in the FS7's battery compartment and then finally screwed to the top of the camera body to secure in place.

Users have the benefit of 5x Power-con (D-Tap) outputs 11-17 volts allowing further equipment/accessories to be powered from the VL-FS7. Power is provided via a short DC Sony EX Jack cable through the FS7's DC Input.


Compatible with Sony

Attaches via main battery compartment

Power-con 2-pin (Male) x5 Outputs 11-17 volts

Sony EX DC Jack

The Sony FS7 power solution BP-FS7U uses Hawk Woods dual power-con BP battery, which includes a short PXW power cable powering the FS7 via the DC Input.

The battery connects directly to the battery port on the FS7 the cable is then attached and connected to the camera. This allows the camera to take the battery power through the external DC Input rather than the battery port.

This power solution also enables the user to power further accessories and equipment from the remaining power-con (D-Tap) output.


Sony PXW-FS7 Compatible

1 x Power-con

FS7 Cable Included

For all your Sony 4K and FS7 needs and requirements don't hesitate to get in touch with our Sony specialists at 0208 977 1222.