#NAB2015 Rumour: ARRI Alexa XTT Super 35 6K Camera Potentially to be Unveiled at NAB 2015?

With NAB 2015 less than four weeks away, the industry is buzzing with rumours about possible show announcements. The largest professional video industry trade show will once again be host to close to over 90,000 industry folk from all corners of the globe eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest professional video equipment on display in Las Vegas.

While we do a good job at keeping cool and not pay too much attention to wild rumours and speculations that seem way too far fetched (as that's what most rumours usually end up being). However, there seem to be a few rumours out there that seem to have legs. With the huge push for 4K acquisition that was started a couple of years ago, even though its roots date back to pre-'10's, 4K really materialised with the release of the Canon C500, the Sony PMW-F55/F5 and more recently the PXW-FS7 which shattered commonly expected price-point expectation for 4K acquisition by giving cinematographers a 4K Raw capable camera for under £6K/$9K – a feat unheard of just a year ago.

On the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum, Blackmagic Design kept camera professionals and enthusiasts busy with their 4K Production Camera, and their 4K Studio camera as well. While Panasonic gave 4K to the masses with the very affordable mirrorless GH4, and Sony created a wonder of a sensor that can see in the dark and stuck in the heart of their A7s, which is capable of UltraHD capture via an appropriate external recorder such as the Atomos Shogun or the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+.

ARRI have been steadily updating their camera lineup in the last year – with the ground-breaking release of the ALEXA 65 – a monstrous digital cinema camera with a sensor equivalent to the image area of a 65mm 5-perf film commonly used to capture IMAX masterpieces. The ALEXA 65 will be a rental only option at the moment, and it will need specialised lenses capable of covering the gigantic sensor, of which at the moment there are a few known sets around the world, so definitely not an everyday shooting scenario option.

The Alexa XT and Arri AMIRA are now capable of UltraHD capture via their latest firmware updates, and with the introduction of the latest Alexa MINI at BVE 2015, ARRI is solidifying their camera line-up and their commitment to chasing image perfection.

Earlier today a new rumour surfaced on Cinescophophilia, a popular blog for the latest news on filmmaking gear, which caught us a bit off-guard – ARRI may very well bring a new 6K camera to NAB – the ALEXA XTT. While only a rumour at this stage, pending any confirmation from ARRI we'll treat it as such. However it does come from a very reputable industry source. See more below:

Potential news of a 6K camera from ARRI.

On Twitter @OFFHOLLYWOOD or as some know him as, Mark Peterson from OFFHOLLYWOOD Cine Equipment Rentals, Production Services, Product Development and Consulting out of New York dropped that we should see ARRI announce at NAB 2015 a new camera called the ARRI Alexa XTT.

The ARRI Alexa XTT is going to be a 35mm 6K camera according to Mark.

You can be rest assured that whatever this new camera ends up being, if at all, we at Visual Impact as a major ARRI dealer, will be able to satisfy all your ARRI needs.

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