MixPre Series v1.51 Firmware Update

Sound Devices MixPre Series v1.51 firmware update for the MixPre-3, MixPre-6 and MixPre-10T is now available for download. The updated firmware v1.51 is an official release that provides performance improvements and multiple fixes for the MixPre series.

This update includes initial firmware release supported by MixPre-10T; no update to this version is required for MixPre-10T. It is highly recommended that users of MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 update to the latest version of firmware available as soon as possible.

Read all about the new MixPre-10T here.

MixPre Series v1.51 Firmware Update

Changes introduced MixPre Series v1.51 firmware update include

• Date/Time settings moved to System Menu plus simplified method of entry.
• New Project folders are now only created when the first file is recorded, preventing the SD card filling up with empty folders.
• USB keyboard shortcut [Shift + 8] performs the * Button function. (MixPre-6 only)
On the MixPre-10T, the Shift + 8 shortcut performs the * (left toggle) Switch function, and Ctrl + Shift + 8 performs the ** (right toggle) Switch function.

• Activating Record is now prevented while in USB File Transfer Mode. (MixPre-10T only)
• Improved battery type detection.
• MixPre-3 Input Delay values now hold over power cycles.
• Files can now be selected for playback from the File List while the MixPre is still playing back a file.
• Cleaned up typos and incorrect messages in various popup dialog boxes.
• Corrected three sample offset between isolated and mix track recorded files.
• Virtual keyboard screens were not saving and exiting on the first press of the enter key.
• Channel knob and gain range values could be wrong after changing a channel source to Aux In or switching Aux In Mode between Mic and Line.
• Time is now updated on the Status Bar if left as the active display.
• Rare system lock up that could occur after hours of using Camera timecode.
• External UBits are now stamping correctly as hex values.
• With Channel 1 set to USB1, lInking 1-4 would assign channels 1-4 as USB1, USB1, USB2, USB3 instead of USB1, USB2, USB3, USB4.
• Multiple other system enhancements and improvements.
• Invalid Path error messages would pop up intermittently when creating a new Project folder.
• Audible noise on L and R Out when adjusting Stereo Out level from -21 to -40 dB.
• Input type was incorrectly getting set to the incorrect USB Channels when Channels 1-4 are linked. (MixPre-6 only)

Firmware v1.51 may be downloaded from the following link: www.sounddevices.com/support/downloads/mixpres-firmware