Massive Convergent Design Firmware Update for the Odyssey7Q+ Brings 3D LUT Support & Much More

The Convergent Design Odyssey family recorder/monitors have been an inseparable part of most camera professionals' kit bags especially for Sony FS700, and Canon C500 owners , as the recorders transform those cameras into 4K Raw beasts unlocking their full potential. More recently Sony A7s and FS7 users have been able to get high-quality 4K ProRes thanks to the 7Q+; with the FS7 being able to even output 4K raw via the XDCA attachement into the Odyssey7Q+.

The Odyssey family grew last year with the addition of the Odyssey7Q+ adding 10bit HDMI 4K recording options to the already super solid recorder. In addition, Convergent Design have been supporting their devices ever since their release, and prior to NAB announced their timeline or rather roadmap for future firmware updates they have planned and now firmware update 2015.5 is here and it adds even more functionality to the Odyssey family - such as Anamorphic De-squeeze, 3D LUT support plus routing to the various outputs, dual zebras, expanded False Colour mode and a lot more.

Convergent Design constantly works to add more features and functionality to the Odyssey family of professional monitor/recorders. This release includes new features & functionality and adds more power, performance and versatility to the Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7.


What's new in firmware 2015.5

  • + Expanded Odyssey LUT System, including custom 3D-LUTs
  • Improved & Expanded set of Preset LUTs
  • Support for user-loadable custom 3D-LUTs (up to 140, Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)
  • 17x, 32x, 33x, 64x, 65x 3D-LUT (.CUBE format) Supported
  • .CUBE Luts translated for Odyssey using CD 3D-LUT Converter App
  • LUTs are currently for MONITORING only, not “baked in”
  • LUTs viewed during recording noted in XML file metadata (new CD Apple ProRes Transfer Utility 1.7 required)
  • Extended and Legal Range LUTs Supported (EE vs LL)

+ LUT Routing to Tools & Outputs

Image Analysis Tools can measure “LUTTED” image or original source Video outputs can independently turn ON/OFF LUT or Mirror OLED

+ Anamorphic De-squeeze

2.0x, 1.5x, 1.33x Support Corrected image sent to video outputs, recording unaffected

+ 4K / 2K Monitoring Modes (Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)

17:9 Letterboxed within 16:9 image or Center-Cut to 16:9 Letterbox or Center-Cut image sent to video outputs, full frame recorded

+ Monochrome Monitoring Mode

View Luma only or individual Red, Green, or Blue channel in grey tone

+ Dual Zebras

Set high & low for each, can overlap, separately selectable colors

+ Expanded False Colour Mode

Added Pink for Six colors Each color set high & low, can overlap

+ Expanded OLED Controls

Advanced Monitor Calibration Control Color channel bias controls, SMPTE color bars reference

+ Improved Multi-Stream Mode Switching

Switch between inputs without image flicker or glitch

+ Safe Eject at Power Down

Automatically closes all file directories on shut down

+ Improved Sony FS RAW colour reproduction

Improved image quality in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes recording FS700 Apple ProRes recording with S-Log2 or REC709(800%) FS7 CinemaDNG & Apple ProRes require SGamut3.Cine Color Space

Fixes & Improvements: + FIXED AUD OUT (Headphones) unmute + FIXED Audio gain settings when switching Analog to SDI + FIXED Safe Eject process to remove OLED flashing during procedure + FIXED FS700 4K RAW -> HD Apple ProRes detection + IMPROVED 4K Apple ProRes playback + IMPROVED 4K pixel zoom 1:1 and 2:1 + IMPROVED PSF output support in all modes + IMPROVED Reduced overall power usage + IMPROVED Interlaced playback support + IMPROVED 4K -> HD Apple ProRes playback

Software Updates: + CD Apple ProRes Transfer Utility 1.7 + LUTs viewed during recording noted in XML file metadata + Pomfort LiveGrade Support for Odyssey LUTs

Download the firmware here, and for more information head on over to Convergent Design.