New Libec TH-X Entry Level Tripod and Hands-Free Monopod for Videographers

Great news for videographers, video journalists and single operators shooting with DSLR's or Compact Super35 cameras and looking for a new entry level tripod or even better - a hands-free monopod designed for video use - Libec has a couple of new exciting products that might be of interest.

The Libec TH-X is a new, lightweight high-spec entry level tripod system replacing the very popular and affordable Libec TH-650HD. The TH-X has been designed to cover the needs of DSLR users who shoot both stills and video and those whose work is quite varied and includes documentaries, corporate gigs, weddings & events.

The Libec TH-X has a maximum payload of 4kg and weighs just 1kg (2.2lbs) with the pan handle, making it a really nice all-on-one tripod system for DSLR shooters, who prefer to travel light.

The Libec TH-X is a completely new design offering improved operability, stability and rigidity making it Libec's best tripod system designed in this range. Designed with a dual head structure (flat base/65mm bowl), dual rosettes, an industry standard Snap On/Off slide plate compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, the TH-X system features a 2 Stage compact tripod to maximize production value.

Libec TH-X Tripod System Features

  • Dual Head - Dual head structure (flat base/65mm bowl) compatible with 65mm bowl tripods/flat base tripods, monopods, sliders, skater dollies, and others.
  • Snap ON / OFF Plate - One touch attach and release mechanism. Also, the sliding plate is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, for speedy and easy setups in the field.
  • Lightweight - super lightweight at 1kg/2.2lb including pan handle.
  • Compact & Robust - Compact diameter of only 105mm/4.1" when folded. Newly designed legs and leg locks, the rigidity is greatly enhanced compared to other tripods, while maintaining an amazing lightness of 1.1kg/2.4lb.
  • Included Padded Carrying Case

Libec also introduced the HFMP - a monopod designed for single operators, which features an innovative pedal-operated locked vertical position. This is quite a clever features as it allows operators to multi-task and make equipment adjustments in between shots, or change lenses without the need to lay the monopod on the floor or lean it against the wall.

Libec HFMP Features

  • Video monopod designed for free-stand operations
  • Free-stand Base with innovative Step Lock/Release Foot Pedal
  • Instantly switch from shooting mode to a locked vertical position
  • Convenient click indicates when HFMP is released or locked into position
  • Built-in lubricated ball joint system for smooth panoramic shots
  • Numeric height indicators and flip locks for preferred adjustments
  • User-friendly folding legs for swift setups and compact travel
  • Robust aluminium material, yet lightweight for easy carry
  • Dual size designed carrying bag for run&gun and easy storage

The Libec TH-X entry level tripod is currently available to order from our website here. The Libec HFMP is available either by itself or as a kit with the TH-X fluid head (HFMP-KIT). The hands-free monopod is scheduled for arrival end of February. You can order both here.