IBC 2018 Special Part 1

Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week is our IBC special part 1, which includes Sony’s new NX200 4K camcorder and VENICE extension system, the new Canon XF705 camera and lenses, high speed cine primes from Sigma  plus ARRI’s new Operator Control Unit OCU1 and Stellar smartphone app for professional lighting control.



Sony NX200 4K camcorder and VENICE extension system

Sony kicked off the show with a few announcements including a new 1-inch Sony NX200 4K camcorder with 12x optical zoom, 18x Clear Image Zoom and 4K recording options. The NX200 records onto affordable SD media, and offers built in ND filters an XLR inputs in addition to independent lens control rings giving operators more flexibility and control.

Sony also showed off their new VENICE extension system, which allows the sensor block on the VENICE to be detached from the camera body at a distance of up to 5 meters via a specialized cable. This configuration has been developed for specialty shots and 3D rigs to be used on major motion pictures. VENICE Firmware 3.0 was also previewed, highlights of which include a new 1.8x anamorphic de-squeeze for monitoring, switchable 6G and 12G SDI output and a new X-OCN XT recording format.



Canon XF705 & 4K broadcast lenses

The Canon stand was really busy as usual and lots of show attendees were getting their hands on the new Canon XF705. The camera is packed with features including 4K 10bit 422 internal capture, 5-axis image stabilisation, and the industry leading Dual Pixel Autofocus powered by new image processors. The XF705 also features a 1-inch sensor with improved low light performance and a 15x optical zoom.

Canon also demonstrated their latest 4K broadcast lenses including the 2/3-inch CJ25ex as well as two new 4K Premium field lenses with industry leading optical designs and unique 111x or 122x zoom range with world class image stabilization.

CJ25ex7.6B - Key Features

  • UHDxs range
  • 7.6 – 190 mm (up to 380mm with 2x extender)
  • F1.8 – 2.9
  • M.O.D. 0.80 m
  • 1.99 Kg

UHD-DIGISUPER 122 - Key Features

  • 4K Premium optical quality
  • 8.2 – 1000 mm (up to 2000mm with 2x extender)
  • F1.7 – 5.0
  • M.O.D 3m
  • 26.6Kg

UHD-DIGISUPER 111 - Key Features

  • 4K Premium optical quality
  • 8.3 – 925 mm
  • F1.7 – 4.65
  • M.O.D 3m
  • 26.6Kg



Sigma High Speed Cine Primes

Speaking of new lenses, Sigma announced three new additions to their High Speed Cine Primes line-up. The new Sigma 28mm, 40mm, 105mm, all at T1.5 feature a 9 blade aperture for natural and pleasing bokeh, 95mm fronts and the already familiar industry grade build quality. All of the new lenses cover full-frame sensors and will be available in PL, EF or E mounts. The 105mm is due to ship in October, followed by the 40mm in December and the 28mm in early 2019.



ARRI Operator Control Unit OCU1 and Stellar smartphone app

ARRI showed off their new Operator Control Unit OCU1. The compact lens control unit is part of the WCU-4 lens control system for the ALEXA Mini. In a similar fashion to the popular Master Grips, the OCU1 offers similar functionality and allows the operator to control zoom, iris and focus on EF lenses mounted on ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras without any additional external motors.

ARRI also launched their stunning Stellar smartphone and table app for professional lighting control. The Stellar app is very intuitive and exceptionally well designed; it allows users to automatically manage complex DMX settings and integrates seamlessly with the SkyLink, SkyPanel, and L-Series hardware giving you endless control over colours, special effects and other features.


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