IBC 2015: Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ To Support Future RAW from the Sony FS5

The Sony FS5 is the latest addition to the FS line 4K cameras from Sony, which was announced at the start of IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. The show floor was buzzing with excitement around the tiny, but yet very powerful new PXW-FS5, which does shoot in 4K XAVC-L and also features 240fps Slow-Motion in Full HD. Not a small feat at all.

FS5 with 28-135 zoom lens

The form factor, although similar to the bigger FS7, has been substantially reduced to a mere 0.8 kg, when the camera is stripped from it's LCD screen and side grip handle, thus making it the perfect camera for hand held gimbal stabilisers like the DJI Ronin M and the Movi M5 for example. DoP's working in the aerial cinematography world can also benefit from the small form factor, which brings a Super 35 4K chip onto a very small form factor making it perfect for flying on compatible octo-copters UAVs.

For those who want to learn more about the Sony FS5, check out our IBC interview with acclaimed DoP and Sony Independent Certified Expert Alister Chapman below.

Rise and Shine Films caught up with Mitch Gross from Convergent Design at IBC 2015 to discuss the current status of their flagship recorder/monitor and their future plans for the new Sony FS5 camera.

The future Raw update coming to the FS5 will be a fantastic addition to the already great camera. The Odyssey7Q+ provides incredible flexbility by offering ProRes in 4K, HD and 2K, and with the upcoming Raw recording function from the SDI output of the FS5, whenever and whatever that ends up being, the Convergent Design recorder is sure to become a must have accessory for FS5 owners.


The raw firmware update will be a paid option most likely, as confirmed by Sony, however they have not set a date yet as to when it will be available.

In the meantime, those who've registered for our free hands-on Sony FS5 event at Pinewood Studios tomorrow Tuesday, 29th September will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Sony's latest 4K professional camera.

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