How to Configure Streaming on the Sony FS5 and PXW-X70

The Sony FS5 and PXW-X70 offer not just fantastic images and 4K functionality, but also flexible features including the ability to stream live footage straight from the camera, a feature that many freelance camera professionals and production companies specialising in live events would surely appreciate.

Check out this very informative instructional video prepared by Alvaro Ortiz from Sony, who shows you how to configure the streaming function on the Sony FS5. The process is the same for Sony PXW-X70 users. Alvaro demonstrates the process, which isn't complicated although it does require some basic understanding of computers and networks, but nothing too advanced. He even uses his mobile phone to setup a wi-fi network, and a simple laptop to demonstrate the versatility of the system.

sony fs5k lens

Here are the basic steps you need to follow in order to start streaming from your FS5/X70:

  1. Know the network environment
  2. Connect our camcorder to the network
  3. Configure streaming
  4. Start streaming and capturing it in the destination device

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