On location with the new DIONIC XT batteries

Discover what DoP Paul Cook thought of the new DIONIC XT batteries from Anton/Bauer when he put them to the test in the Scottish Highlands.

Paul Cook is a UK based DP and Lighting cameraman who recently changed to broadcast batteries to power his Sony FS-7 camera and peripherals. Paul is often shooting on location so being able to power accessories such as lights and monitors cable free is a big advantage. He also needs a solution that is light, robust and reliable.

Paul has been using the new DIONIC XT batteries from Anton/Bauer for the past 3-4 months. On this particular shoot he was covering a lot on foot and the batteries had to power a RED Raven and Sony FS7 plus a range of accessories including Light Panels Astra’s. Another thing to throw into the mix was that the cameras had gold mount plates but the Astra’s were V mount !

Would these new batteries be up to the challenge ? Find out in the video below.

Here is the link to Paul Cook using the DIONIC XT batteries in the Scottish Highlands

Paul Cook on Location in the Scottish Highlands


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