DaVinci Resolve 15 Public Beta 7

Blackmagic Design are at it again with the DaVinci Resolve 15 and released a new Beta 7 version not long after Beta 6 was released. This new version addresses dozens of performance and stability issues that customers have reported via the beta feedback forum on the Blackmagic Design website.

The new DaVinci Resolve 15 Public Beta 7 lets you view custom clip colours in bins, clip annotations in the timeline viewer and improves match frame functionality on the edit page. Public beta 7 also adds support for Resolve FX and GPU accelerated OpenFX to the Fusion page, along with new saver nodes. In addition, DaVinci Resolve Studio users can now render Dolby Vision and HDR10+ clips with tone mapping as well as export Dolby Vision XMLs. For delivery, DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio public beta 7 now supports higher bit rate and lossless Kakadu JPEG 2000 encoding. In addition, legacy Fairlight projects can now be opened in DaVinci Resolve on Windows.

DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio Beta 7 New Support for:


  • Caching compound clips, Fusion clips and nested timelines
  • For using ResolveFX plugins in the Fusion page
  • GPU accelerated OpenFX plugins on the Fusion page
  • Initial support for saver nodes in the Fusion page
  • Applying LUTs on compound nodes
  • Converting a shared node to a corrector node
  • Encoding at higher bit rates for Kakadu JPEG 2000 (great for DCPs, yes!) - when rendering DCP and IMF in DaVinci Resolve Studio


  • Kakadu based lossless JPEG 2000 encoding in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Custom clip colours for subtitle elements
  • Showing clip colour indicator on Media Pool and Colour page clip thumbnails
  • Rendering with Dolby Vision/HDR10+ tone mapping applied
  • Exporting Dolby Vision XMLs along with renders
  • Alt/Option + middle click to copy Dolby Vision trim metadata for the current target display
  • Alt/Option + Shift + middle click to copy Dolby Vision trim metadata for all target displays


  • Clip thumbnail indicator to show clips analyzed for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ on the Colour page
  • Tool usage badges in the Colour page
  • Showing clip marker annotations on the timeline viewer
  • Displaying audio channel names in clip attributes
  • Search in the Fairlight page track and marker index
  • Swapping clips in the Edit timeline using Cmd/Ctrl+Shift and dragging
  • Deleting transitions across clips when one of the clips is deleted


  • Performing match frame for the selected clip in the timeline
  • The 3D Lookup table interpolation option for DCTLs
  • Key-framing OpenFX dropdown and checkbox based parameters
  • Clipping option when converting from a larger gamut and/or gamma in ResolveFX Color Space Transform
  • Resetting edited audio samples in a clip
  • Automatically setting alpha mode based on metadata when importing still images


  • Storing the alpha channel when caching to Uncompressed 16-bit float – HDR
  • Hardware accelerated decode of Long GOP Panasonic AVC clips on NVIDIA hardware
  • Importing clip markers from a Final Cut Pro 7 XML file
  • Preserving bin hierarchy when importing media and metadata from a Final Cut Pro 7 XML file
  • Improved mouse interactivity when dragging Power Curve Windows on the Colour viewer
  • Improved scripting support with ability to add and query markers, flags and clip colour metadata
  • Improved performance when rendering H.264 clips on Windows


You can submit beta feedback via the forums on the Blackmagic Design website. Be aware this version of DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio requires a software activation code or license dongle.

Useful Links:

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DaVinci Resolve 15 Public Beta 7 free download

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