What customers think about the Gemini 1x1 and TITON batteries


The VITEC group launched some great new products this year including the Gemini 1x1 soft LED panel from Litepanels and the Titon range of batteries from Anton/Bauer. Rather than repeating the specs from the manufacturer (which are available on our website anyway) we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what users think.

Gemini 1x1 soft LED panel

In this short video Chris Grubisa talks about the features of the Gemini 1x1 while filming the launch video. As he describes it's robust and strong with a small form factor with customisable pre-sets. It’s super bright with built-in effects and convenient power options.

Chris Grubisa:


Titon batteries from Anton/Bauer

Moritz Sieber from PeakFrames used these new Titon batteries while shooting in very cold conditions, always a challenge for most power sources. During this video he points out the benefits of these new Anton/Bauer batteries.



Gemini 1x1 and Titon batteries on location

In this short video Claudia Rogers and Ryan Shove from Retro 8 Films describe how the Gemini 1x1 and Titon batteries performed when they shot a commercial in a remote location in Crestline California. Due to the location the versatility, portability and ruggedness of the kit was paramount.

Claudia Rogers and Ryan Shove Retro 8 Films:


and finally…


Our Litepanels Gemini 1x1 first look video

We were lucky enough to get a pre-production sample of the Gemini 1x1 just before it was officially launched at NAB and this is what our Tech guys thought of it after a quick look at the performance and features.


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